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Need to find ultrasound training course

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    I am an NP looking for a hands-on training course for nurses for limited OB/GYN ultrasound. I'm in Northern CA. Does anyone have any referrals? I would really like the "hands-on" training. Thanks for any information or tips from anyone who has taken any classes.
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    Thank you for those links. As far as I could see those are in Texas. I'm looking in California. Hopefully they offer at a closer location as well.
    Thank you!
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    I am not aware of classes in California with a hands on component like teh other options but here is a california option

    This one mention a hands on portion that I found with google
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    Hi i am a WHNP in northern California and I'm not sure if you found a place but onsite ultrasound has classes in Monterey, California. I just took a 2 day limited ultrasound class in obstetrics and gynecology that was hands on with only 3 other providers. It was an excellent course with 2 ultrasound instructors. Here is their website Welcome to OnSite Ultrasound Sonography Solutions (OnSite Ultrasound Training Solutions)
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    There are accredited sonography certificate programs for people with a clinically related allied health profession. There are over 4 schools in California which offer certificate programs. You can find the contact information such as contact persons, emails and phone numbers from the school directory: Accredited Ultrasound Technician Schools Directory | Ultrasound Technician Center. Hope it helps. Good luck!
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    Just look at this page there you will find ultrasound schools by states.

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