Medicare Credentialing

  1. Hi, new nurse practitioner, here! My credentialing paperwork went through to Medicare just about 2 months ago, and in the meantime I am waiting to start my new job. Does anyone have information in regards to how long this process has taken them in the last year or two? I've heard things slow down every January due to government changes. Any insight would be appreciated!
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  3. by   nitasarn
    I actually think it takes a while, because they verify everything. So it was suggest thar we call the hospitals which we were credentialing and receive temporary credentials until then....good luck
  4. by   toasterboy85
    I too am a new nurse practitioner. I obtained a job working at a neurosurgery practice. Strangely enough I received my Medicare/Medicaid number before any insurance companies approved me. I am currently waiting on United Healthcare. Be prepared to wait about 6 month to obtain all insurance contacts, DPS, DEA, NPI, ect. I think my Medicare/Medicaid took about 3 months. Hope this helps.
  5. by   nyki62780
    It took me 4 months to get my Medicare number in Texas... Still working on the rest.... It's very frustrating.
  6. by   toasterboy85
    Finally after 7 months I have received all my numbers, insurance contracts, and hospital privileges. Our practice has an excellent billing practice that thankfully was there for all the dealing, I only needed to sign about 400 pages of "stuff." Good luck.
  7. by   MrsG21
    An old classmate told me it took her 8months. My job started the application process in may 2012 and the process was completed in Dec 2012. I started my job while my application was being processed. My manager informed me that they are able to bill retroactively.