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Looking for Family Psych NP exam help!

  1. 0 I am a registered nurse, FNP certificate grad, LMHC and have been for ten years and I cannot seem to get above a 50% on the practice tests. I am supposed to take the exam in the next few weeks for a job, and soon after take the Family NP exam as well and I am just not doing well.
    Any suggestions from people who have taken the exam recently?
    I bought the ANCC 150 questions and got a 52% on the first 75, then reviewed two text books and took the second set and got a 48%. I am usually excellent at standardized tests and actually enjoy taking them (Geek... I heard you!) But I am struggling. Please save me.
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    I just sent you a PM. Thanks.
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    I just took the exam and passed, but I found it to be difficult. I purchased practice questions from nurseexecprep. You can ask them to reset the questions once you take an exam and each question contains and explanation as to why the answer is correct. I purchased questions from ANCC , the review book and listened to the Barkley and associates CD's and purchased their review book.
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    I did pass! It was the new exam. 200 questions. So glad it is over! Now on to study for my Family exam
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    @psychme....I'm due to take the exam next month. Please tell me a little about the test and how you would suggest I study for it.
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    The book from ANCC was the most helpful. I purchased that book as well as the practice tests from ANCC. I also purchased practice tests from familynpprep.com. Just change the drop down to psych test before you purchase. The test was not so bad once I had studied those materials. The ANCC tests had me not passing at all! But I did. So don't let it throw you too much!
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    Hello psychme! I'm scheduled to take the exam in 2 days! I have a few questions if you don't mind. Please contact me via email chocolatethunderakacoco@yahoo.com Thanks!
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    Did you find the new test to have difficult psychopharm/clinical questions? I'm scheduled to take the exam in a few days! Thanks so much.
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    I missed these messages! I apologize!!!! Hope you all passed!