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    I have been in Indiana State University's MSN-FNP program for three semesters now and I am scheduled to start clinicals in the spring of 2013. I was wondering if anyone has had any luck in the Connecticut area finding places to do their clinical? I live in Manchester, CT but I am willing to travel a bit in order to get my clinical hours. I was directed by Dr Lea Hall to use the agency list on the ISU website to find places to do clinicals, but 2/3 places I called stated they would not be accepting any students at this time and do not have ISU as one of the schools they offer clinicals for. The other place never even called me back after leaving multiple messages. I know I am not scheduled to take clinicals until Jan but I was trying to get a head start because I hear it can be quite difficult to find a preceptor site. Anybody have any ideas??
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