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  1. Going for an interview for a job that I dont think I want. just using it for practice. I had applied for a lisiting that said family practice/urgent care but then the rep call and said it was with internal medicine :P. well see how it goes.
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  3. by   BiohazardBetty
    Congrats on your interview!! Those are hard to come by in my area, much less job offers... If you're SURE you don't want the job AND you're SURE you'll have more interviews that would lead to job offers in the future, then I might not waste the interviewer's time... Or at least make it clear (at the en of the interview) that you may not be a good fit for the job, but you appreciate them taking time to discuss it with you.

    I have heard of employers sort of "black listing" applicants that turn down interviews or positions simply because there are 10 equally qualified ppl desperate for a job behind you. Maybe they think you'd be unreliable? I dunno... Just be careful to not burn bridges so early in your career. Good luck!
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  4. by   nitasarn
    I dont think I burn any bridges. It was a good interview overall. They ask me if i had any business related background...which I dont. During the time i interviewed w/ a recruiter, an office manager, and another nurse practitioner. They ask alot of autonomy and etc. I felt they were looking for someone to hit the pavement ready to go. I dont know how to tell the interviewer, that with adequate training and support, and time I can be all that they want me to be and more. Anyways on to the next.