Im hoping someone can help here. BSN nurse to NP

  1. I am looking to starting my masters program. I know Ive always wanted to, but some nursing challenges has really encouraged me to get on it now than later I have worked with some patients who needed some assistance and weren't getting full assistance because of their social status. The way I left that night, I listened to God's voice, and he definitely told me something, if not to do my NP now, he told me to advance somewhere in this career. Although being an RN is awesome, and we advocate, I felt helpless and decided to just get onto the plan of furthering my education now. I need to help those who can't help themselves. I cried when I got home, and prayed. I was a hot mess.

    Onto the actual post: I have my BSN, approaching a year experience in my nursing career. I know there are different master levels, like NP, nurse educator, nurse manager. I want to be an adult NP or Family NP. If someone can explain kindly,
    1. how many years roughly
    2. How do I START THE process. as far as schools, transcipts and stuff.
    3. any requirements
    4. what is the difference with a Nurse Pract and Dctors NP?

    ANY other info is helpful. Being an RN has been challenging, with how helpless I feel at times, although I know I am very helpful.I just know my weakness and my abilities, and I guess having to care for a patient who a doctor is deciding to withold certain care or meds from raises my BP when the pt needs it but doesnt have insurance or isnt from america or something. wow. this is the world? saddens me. I would like to be able to do for people who can;t for themselves. I know the humility I feel from that, I just know the higher the education level, the more you can do, truthfully and although I was going to initiate my masters years later, I rather start now.

    Thank you
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