Has anyone Interviewed for Duke's DNP program ? Nervous

  1. I applied to and Duke's DNP after applying to the NP program. I had my interview for the NP ,that went rather well actually. I really enjoyed talking with someone who understood what I was talking about and was on the same page in terms of what I wanted to accomplish in as a healthcare provider. I have not heard anything from the DNP thus far. I would really like a positive result to the pain of waiting . Sometimes it seems like my life is suspended until the decision comes in the mail. I was proud and pleased with myself for having garnered an interview at such a prestigious school. I can not express how wonderful it felt. I have not begun to doubt my abilities but I am beginning to see the shadowy edges of doubt disappear with each mantra I utter extolling my belief in me and that I can do it . Something like how I lifted myself when completing my BSN, and MSN. I continue to feel as though "I could fly" !
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  3. by   Sbaxt1837
    I am in the same boat and I know that exact feeling you're going through. I applied for the msn FNP program. I interviewed back in January and feel like everytime I check my email I'm going to see one from duke....only to realize its not. They had mentioned that we would be hearing decisions sometime in march and that no news is also good because they do send emails saying you have not been accepted as well as acceptance emails. I hope we both get in!!!