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  1. by   kangaroo2
    I'm glad I found this post - many of the PMHNP questions are going unanswered. I am currently trying to decide if I am going to apply to a direct entry PMHNP program, and I'm wondering if some of you could tell me about your experiences in the profession. I've done a lot of work in psychiatric research, and thought I would pursue psychiatry in some form, but I'm not sure I want to make the commitment to medical school. If any of you could answer a few questions for me about your career, I would really appreciate it!

    -What is your day-to-day schedule like?
    -How much autonomy do you have?
    -What are the main differences between your job and a psychiatrist?

    A little about me: I'm 25 and searching for the right career. I have always known that I belong in health care, and I'm fascinated by the mind and passionate about reducing stigmas of mental illness and addressing the shortage of mental health workers in rural and otherwise undeserved areas. I would like to be able to do international field work before I have children, and when I do have children I would like to work less than full time for a couple of years. I was recently accepted into medical school, but I'm not sure the 8 years of training and then the years of debt reduction will fit into the lifestyle I want. As I came across nurse-practitioners, I felt like maybe I hit the career lottery...I'm looking forward to your input!