FNP ANCC September 2013

  1. Hello fellow NPs,
    I feel that I need to give back to the community since I used this forum for advice prior to taking my FNP board exam.
    I first took the AANP exam in July (2013) and did not pass. I was devasted and when received my results I learned that I was very close 475 (need 500 to pass).
    With a job waiting for me I felt very discouraged and sad...but I didn't give up. I prayed, and studies non-stop for a month and signed up for both AANP and ANCC. Today I took the ANCC exam and passed first try!!! I am very excited! Here is what I did:
    - Fitzgerald review
    - Barkley CDs
    - Leik (AWESOME BOOK! Straight to the point and great practice questions - it does have a few erros but you can easily identify them).
    - I bought a test bank from APEA.com
    - Bought 5 tests from familynppractice.com
    Altogether I completed over 1500 questions...
    I found the exam to be rough but FAIR. There were a lot of picture questions (for derm especially). There were several multiple-multiple questions. I.e.: The question would say, which 3 treatments would you choose for this pt. And they would list 6... I felt that they were straight forward though... There were also lots of matching questions and prioritizing questions (I felt that those could possibly be the trial questions).
    There were 200 questions and 25 of them were trial questions..It took me 3 hours to complete the test and exactly 55 minutes to go back and revise the questions I had flagged for review. I did not get the pass or fail results on the screen, but the person a the front desk gave me a printout.
    I hope this helps!!!
    Don't get discouraged, keep your chin up and keep studying until you can't study anymore, and HAVE FAITH! Pray daily and whenever you feel anxious, pray again! God is Good! He's brought you this far, he's not going to let you down..just be patient. Our time is not his time.
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