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  1. I am getting ready to take my certification exam so I am looking for a good online test preparation site that will incorporate numerous practice questions for a long period of time.
    I found these two sites but I am wondering if they are genuine and if anybody has used them before:



    I will greatly appreciate feed backs as their are a lot of scams out there.
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  3. by   coast2coast
    The first is a scam. The AANP has a notice up that they are NOT associated with this company, even though it continues to use their logo (see The American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Certication Program ).

    The second website looks pretty fakey to me. I would avoid both of them.

    Have you looked into the fitzgerald review? You can do the same review course on-line as they offer in person and it's actually a bit cheaper. That includes a practice test and practice questions and has an excellent reputation.
  4. by   nitasarn
    I would look at fitzgerald and i think apea have where you can pay a fee for questions. I also heard that aanp will have questions for a fee. I highlighted this one although im not sure if its legit - Your #1 source for passing the AANP Family Nurse Practitioner

    APEA - Advanced Practice Education Associates

    Necessary NP Workshops
  5. by   Nne1
    The AANP has their practice questions up and you can register through TesTrac... I have registered but haven't paid/ taken the test yet. Its $50 for 75 questions I think and you only get 48hrs to take it. Am waiting to take it close to my testing date.