Drowning in Pathophys!

  1. Well the second week of school is on and I am still feeling shell -shocked. I waited 13 years to go back to school and want this so badly. I am freaking out about it all for no good reason and it is really making it hard for me to concentrate and learn.

    Any tips on school anxiety out there??? I didn't feel this way when i was an undergrad and I have already had the experience of taking a pathophys class taught by a professor of the school of medicine tas an undergrad and succeeded, so I thought, "a quiz no biggie". I listened to the lecture several times and made notes. My downfall was I finished the first weeks quiz on the cell with 5 min to spare and then changed about 8 answers. Two of the answers that I switched to were correct, but the others were not. I am so stressed about this week because it is genetics....They have found out so many things since I graduated with my BSN in 1999. It has just astounded me.

    I thought the difference between undergrad and now is that now, as an experienced ICU nurse, I have a working knowledge of the body systems as a framework to build on. I did not expect to feel like I am needing cram by blindly memorizing facts and barf back said info without understanding it to survive.
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  3. by   Sommer nurse
    In sorry to hear that. Can I ask us this online? What school?
  4. by   Aymese
    Don't change your answers! Don't even go back over the questions after answering. Usually your first instinct is correct.

    Do you have any outside stressors that are interfering with studying or test-taking day that could be adjusted for the semester?