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    Ok, This is my first topic, and I'm not sure that I'm supposed to even be putting anything in the "APRN" section (since I'm actually just a pre-req RN students as of now). However, I've been researching the NP's role in healthcare for approximately 2 years now (Honestly, I had no idea what an NP was until then. It's the existence of the NP role that made me decide on a career change from HVAC to Nursing. No offense, but up until about 2 years ago I was one of the ignorant people that thought Nurses [RN's] were just there to do what the Physician told them to do-and also to wipe the ocaissional butt-no disrespect intended, but until I did some research, I honestly believed that. Now that I've spoken to several RN buddies, I know that is not the case ). But here it is anyway.

    So, During these past 2 years or so that I've been trying to soak up knowledge on the NP and their role in healthcare, I've noticed it never fails that, whenever the AANP or any other NP organization asks anything from our lawmakers-and I mean anything whatsoever,- the AMA, AAFP or whatever other Physician association seems to be waiting in the wings to lobby against the request immediately (don't get me started with the ASA trying shoot down absolutely anything the AANA requests). You guys could tell the lawmakers something like "I don't like the color of my office", and these Physician associations would shout by reflex how you changing that color would "Makes them worry about pt safety" , and that you "Don't know what you don't know" lol. This seems to be their reasoning for absolutely everything. I'm not exagerrating, either. Yes, I'm having some fun here, but it is true nonetheless...

    Anyway, Here's an article that some of you may want to read. It was written by a Primary care Physician supporting NP's practicing to the total of their education and training. Not that this will be a turning point for you guys, but it's something, right?


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