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Anyone Have Experience with USA Online Family Psychiatric NP Program?

  1. 0 Hello all,

    I've been reading through this forum and would like to get some opinions on the University of South Alabama Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner online program.

    The reviews -- as best I can tell - seem to be mixed about the UAB program. The price, however, is good compared to most programs and the clinical work is spread out so I won't have to travel to Alabama more than 5 times.

    I am 55 years old, have worked as a psych nurse for 25 years, and have no interest in spending Vanderbilt or Georgetown type money when I don't know how many working years I have left.

    Can folks let me know what they've heard about the USA Family Psychiatric NP program. Anecdotal and third-hand opinions would be fine but I'd LOVE to hear from actual USA students.

    Thanks so much.
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    Hello I'm currently in the program, and just attending classes part-time due to my busy work schedule. So far the program has been pretty good, and very demanding at times depending on the course. The only thing I hate about the course is it does not offer blackboard, and you have to find your own preceptor once you enter the clinical portion of the program. I did like how the program did not require you to have the GRE, which was a plus. Well I hope this information is helpful in helping you make your decision. Goodluck. Comora