1. So, I just took the FNP exam at 9:00 this morning and let me tell you, it was tough. I had been on here looking at other's experiences and I thought I was prepared. I did pass but honestly am not sure how. I had over half of the questions marked (those that I wasn't sure of), so I was getting very discouraged halfway through. I prepared by doing the Fitzgerald 3rd edition review book and listened to Hollier cds. Honestly, I think the content in both of these reviews are catered more toward the AANP exam. They were wonderful, don't get me wrong but only cover the clinical portion of the exam (which is only 50%). Other topics on the exam seemed very bizarre. Most of the clinical questions were pretty straight forward which was nice. All of this to say, I think there should be a good review for this exam and unfortunately I don't know of one out there! However, if I passed, so can you but do not over study. Take about a month before the exam to review the clinical portion and look over policy, research, therapeutic communication etc. Most of the research questions were definitions. Also, you need to look over developmental theories and family theories. I found alot of information (after the fact), in my old Fundamentals of Nursing, by Potter and Perry. Good luck all who take this exam!!!!!
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  3. by   toasterboy85
    Thank and congratulations. I take my boards for ancc fnp this comming up Friday. Do you know a good book or website to review the research part? Thank you and congrats again!
  4. by   bayouchick02
    For those out there studying, try the website. I'm currently using that, and they have practice tests for the ANCC exam as well.