ANCC FNP 2013 August Revision - page 2

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I was wondering if anyone has taken the new 2013 (As of Aug 6) ANCC FNP exam? I am prepping to take the exam at the end of October and was curious to the changes. I had a friend that took the exam prior to the change and she... Read More

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    I had no doubts! Congrats!!! So happy for you. Wish you the best in your future endeavors. Do you have a job lined up? I will cont to work for the private practice i have been with for the past 10 years. I started as the nurse, then graduated into office manager, and now a provider. Has been a fairly natural progression.

    I know you are relieved to be done with this chapter and finally be able to focus on your np practice. Congrats again!
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    So proad for you. Are you selling any of your material or do you still have access to the familynpprep site? Please be of any assistance.