ANCC FNP 2013 August Revision

  1. I was wondering if anyone has taken the new 2013 (As of Aug 6) ANCC FNP exam? I am prepping to take the exam at the end of October and was curious to the changes. I had a friend that took the exam prior to the change and she passed first try. She mentioned the policy, research, ect. were all pretty basic or straight forward.

    My study resources include: Fitz online review course, ANCC FNP book, Leik Intensive review, and Hollier questions. I have finished the Fitz review and am now working on questions and the Leik information. Does anyone have any other additional study tips or advice? I also plan on doing the test bank from the FamilyNPprep website near the end of my studies.

    Thank you in advanced & best of luck to all those studying!
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  3. by   uronurse1
    I would be very interested in knowing this as well. I am taking it 10/5 so hoping to hear a little more before i take it. I will post comments after though as well. I am finishing the fitz recordings today, about a third through Leik's intense review, and then will do Fitz book. I have done about 2000 test questions ( and questions in back of books) and am scoring 75-85 so hopefully that will be good enough.

    WVU, it sounds like you have a great study plan so i am sure you will be fine. I am finding it so difficult to get into studying. So burned out! One more test- hopefully!!
  4. by   WVU_Nurse
    Uro - Good Luck on your exam Friday! I appreciate you posting your thoughts following the exam. If I hear anything from anyone before Friday I will leave a comment. Sounds like we have similar study plans; hopefully it will work out for us

    I too am struggling in studying. Very burnt out and ready to get this over with! Again, best wishes on Friday!!
  5. by   uronurse1
    I passed today!!! Beyond relieved! It took me 2 hours to get through 200 questions and then another hour to review them all.

    The test was very fair for an entry level exam. Not easy by any means but not bad either. Out of 200 questions, i only marked about 30 that i was very unsure about. There were about 10 that i really did not know exactly what they were asking. Many, many were very straightforward. I probably had only 5-10 questions on research, 5-10 on professionalism/ethics, 5-10 on cultural competence, and a few on policy/legal issues; they were all pretty straightforward.

    I would definitely recommend reviewing test-taking information by Leik, Fitzgerald, etc., because the most challenging thing is to determine exactly what they are looking for. Weed through the distracting information and think it through without overthinking it. The images/pictures were the easiest part of the test and what i was dreading the most. The multiple-multiples could be a littletricky but straight forward for the most part. Definitely know your clinical practice guidelines for management of htn, asthma, copd, dm, gerd, etc. (all of which are in your books). Few questions on drug-drug interactions.

    I only studied Leik's book and Fitzgerald's book and CDs and felt more than adequately prepared. Also, did about 3000 practice questions from, which were very helpful. Remember to focus on breathing techniques and trying to stay calm so you can focus on each question effectively. Let me know if you have any questions. You will do well!! Good luck!
  6. by   WVU_Nurse
    CONGRATULATIONS URO! I was thinking about you yesterday and your exam. I appreciate your feedback and it has given me a spark of motivation (just what I needed!). Thank you and hope you celebrate your accomplishment! YAY! Good luck in your future practice!
  7. by   WVU_Nurse
    I have my exam next week (getting more nervous as it approaches). Currently, I am completing the exams from the and the questions are not what I have expected. Many on therories and medcaid / insurance. Also, many questions about medication side effects. I have really installed info regarding the big components of HTN, DM, GERD, Asthma, ect... and am not receiving many questions regarding these topics. It is making me anxious, because I fear I geared my studying in the wrong direction. Is this any reflection of the actual exam? Any tips? Thanks in advance :-)
  8. by   uronurse1

    I had probably one question on Medicaid and I don't even recall one on theory. There were quite a few questions on research. Know which types of research studies are viewed as strongest evidence. There were a few on cultural competence. Don't stress! The majority were clinical based and the ones that weren't, were fairly obvious. You will be pleasantly surprised about how much you know it. I really don't think helped that much with content; more so with the testing experience. Remember this is an entry level exam and you possess the knowledge to pass it. Deep breaths, don't panic. I know you will be fine.

    I already received my license and started seeing patients! Turn around was super fast. On my way to florida for a celebratory trip!

    You'll do great. Can't wait to hear your great news!
  9. by   cmd-FNP
    Just took the ANCC today and passed!!! My questions focused mostly on pictures, asthma in both the adults and children. Know how to recognize and how to treat. Lots of JNC 7. Ace inhibitors and who you would prescribe it to. Also lots of professional nursing issues questions and some research but they are easily recognizable. Just remember to breathe throughout the exam and say lots of prayers. I did and it helped to calm me down. Good luck!!!
  10. by   WVU_Nurse
    I PASSED!!! cmd-FNP, I too took mine Tuesday. I did have several pictures and LOTS of professional nursing issues (they loved leadership). The research questions were my favorite lol. Congratulations and best of luck in your future practice.

    Uro - I appreciate your response and confidence building! I hope you have a wonderful celebration in Florida and good luck with your future practice! That is a fast turn around (seems intimidating and exciting!). I am off to Boston tomorrow for a weekend celebration!
  11. by   bronwyntulloch
    I took the ANCC Oct 12, 2013. It was quite long. Not as clinically oriented as I thought it would be. I did Fitzgerald CDs and book, and actually took notes while listening to the CDs. Then I did her whole Certification exam review book that is kind of old. I also did all of the test questions out of the APEA book, and Leiks. I didn't really like Leiks that much, to be honest. I used Dunphy exam review ONLY for chapter 19, which is professional practice. the rest of the questions are far too detailed and in depth for this entry level NP exam. But that chapter probably was the best thing I could have studied. There are a lot of cultural questions, questions on professional practice, such as collaboration type questions, also research and theory types. I have to say that the pictures were very blurry and it was kind of hard to know what they were trying to show in some of them. The "Select all" type questions weren't really "select all", they clearly stated "select two" or "select three". So you don't have to sit there wondering if you are either missing something or adding something you shouldn't!

    One of the best pieces of advice I can give ANYONE taking an NP exam, be it ANCC or AANP (most of my friends took AANP), is to take the APEA diagnostic test within the timeframe that you can still reschedule your exam. I took one two weeks before my exam and scored 88%, which was in the 98th percentile. A friend of mine took it and got 64% on the APEA diagnostic, and went and took her ANCC exam anyway, and got, guess what, 64%! So it's a pretty good diagnostic tool to see if you are ready to test or not!

    Good luck to all.
  12. by   uronurse1

    I had no doubts! Congrats!!! So happy for you. Wish you the best in your future endeavors. Do you have a job lined up? I will cont to work for the private practice i have been with for the past 10 years. I started as the nurse, then graduated into office manager, and now a provider. Has been a fairly natural progression.

    I know you are relieved to be done with this chapter and finally be able to focus on your np practice. Congrats again!
  13. by   sjonesnp82
    So proad for you. Are you selling any of your material or do you still have access to the familynpprep site? Please be of any assistance.