ANCC ANP Last Minute Advice?

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    I will be taking the exam in a few days and I'm still feeling terrified! I was wondering if anyone could offer any last minute advise, tips, or suggestions! Thanks

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    good luck, take ur time. they say the first 20Qs are the hardest. thats all. i mean you only have a couple days, get a massage.... rest your mind. you got this
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    Thanks! I passed
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    Congrats,How was your test,Im also preparing to test,failed 2 times and I''m very nervous,are there any materials that you used that helped with the preparation for the exam.Ihave the Fitzgerald and just got the Leik ,any suggestions.
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    Quote from bearasara94
    I will be taking the exam in a few days and I'm still feeling terrified! I was wondering if anyone could offer any last minute advise, tips, or suggestions! Thanks

    YaY!!!!!!!! So happy for you....Ill be in the same boat as you in a couple months and I hope and pray that I will have the same result. I do have a question how were the questions that you got from aanp- Im trying to choose either bt them and apeas questions.
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    for the ancc exam i would recommend looking over fitzgerald's terms like "autonomy, beneficence, etc." that she includes in her power point. i had a few questions where knowing the definitions was critical to knowing the answer. for the research, basic knowledge of basic terms is helpful. know specificity and sensitivity... no so much just the definitions but how to apply it to a question/research problem. i kept getting it confused so i found this youtube video that is useful sensitivity specificity: easy epidemiology difference spin snout test - youtube
    don't worry so much about every single disease and what antibiotic you need to use to treat that disease; i feel like they assume that in practice you will know how to look things up on your own.
    i felt that i had a lot of geriatric questions, mostly safety. i didn't have anything about specific theorists. more general theory questions that you should be able to figure out.
    for the most part, read the questions slowly and carefully, read each option, and for the most part you can rule out 2 options immediately. then just think through the other 2. do not second guess yourself or over think the answer you pick. and to study, i would read through the material several times until you think you know it really well and then just do a ton of practice questions. in some ways i feel that studying for the exam wasn't even worth it, that maybe you could pass without studying because some of the questions were so easy to figure out. maybe it depends on where you went to school and how they prepare you; my school has a 100% pass rate. take the day before off too! and relax, you'll be ok

    i posted somewhere else what i did. "t
    o study i used the fitzgerald adult review cds, her workbook, the liek book (which i ended up hating because there were too many errors in it, it was difficult to go back and look things up in the book too), and i purchased all of the review questions from i studied really hard and made flash cards of everything. the day before the exam i did nothing and went shopping to relax. the exam was the strangest exam i ever took. i believe fitzgerald prepared me well for the most part. for the cultural material i used my old culture book from school and reviewed alternative therapies. i felt that the test was not difficult and not in depth. the hardest part was sitting still to take the exam. after around question 112 i could feel my heart beating in my eyes... i took a 15 min break just to relax. while taking the exam i focused on each question and did not go back through the questions at the end. also, on my scratch pad i kept a tally of questions i knew, maybe knew, and had no clue. you only have to get 105 questions right out of the 150. i felt this helped me and encouraged me while answering the questions. a lot of the stuff on the exam there is no way to study for and there is stuff you would think to never look over. but many of the questions can be answered without studying at all. i just recommend doing the fitzgerald review, purchasing the questions to give you confidence, taking the day off the day before, and relax during the exam."
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    I didn't get the questions from APEA because I heard from some people that they were not helpful. I think they were quite a bit more expensive too. I liked the questions from the adultnpreview page because they were cheap (Around $70 for 7 tests of 100 questions each). I think they help boost your confidence. And they are set up similar to how the exam is. They have a lot of theory and other random stuff about HIPPA and Medicare and medicaid which I thought was useful. Some of the stuff on the question bank was just crazy like cancer medications. And at the end of the exam you can review the questions as many times as you want and they explain the right and wrong answers. I also bought a question bank through Nurse Practitioner Certification: JB TestPrep Online Program but It was pricey and the same as the questions that come in that person's review book (Miller maybe? I cannot remember) I also bought the ANP Flashcard Review System. i DO NOT recommend this; it was a waste of money, cheap, too many words and details, and I didn't even end up using them. I would just review Fitzgerald's course, supplements, and her book. If you know that stuff really well, you should pass! Good Luck!
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    Hey to everyone about to take their exam .. I just passed mine if anybody has any questions!
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    I took AANP exam during Hurricane in East Coast, no lights, no water, and loads of AANP questions. The questions were very convoluted and they had nothing to do with real FNP practice.

    I failed the exam. Earlier I was passing all the AANP test exams with 80% scores. I also had consulted Margaret Fitzerald book.
    Spent lots of money into tests and prep. with no result. It seems to be another money making scam by boards.
    I believe NCLEX is far better than FNP certification exams.

    Don't know what to do next.

    Good luck nurses.
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    Some people are just not good test takers I think to keep it as simple as possible is a good point. I think if u got the leik and hollier books u would do better than fitz for the aanp exam, but if u don't want to buy more review materials.. Get an assessment book diagnosis book . Mine was by Danis android at treatment guidelines

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