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  1. 0 Did anyone do the review course provided on the ANCC website for Family Nurse Practitioner? I did not pass the first time I took my exam, so I am looking for a better way to prepare for the next time I sit. ALL suggestions greatly appreciated! THANKS!
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    I promised I would post here after I took my exam!!
    I took the ANCC FNP exam this past Tuesday; June 4th and PASSED FIRST ATTEMPT!! Man; it was mainly a weird hodgepodge of everything. Approximately 25% of it were straight medical/clinical questions which with the Fitzgerald book or Leik book would help 100%. The remainder (75%) was all over the place with most of it being culture and ethics stuff.

    Some things that I remember occurring pretty frequently;

    Lot of health care reimbursement, Medicare, Medicaid stuff
    Lot of adolescent
    Lot of older adult questions
    and mainly how to communicate.

    How I prepared:
    Fitzgerald Book
    Leik Book (which I really spent the majority of my time with) I liked it because it was straight forward!
    The ANCC review book (which can be purchased on their website)
    The ANCC review question bank (150 questions in 2- 75 question tests) 99$ on their website...its ok but not that great
    The website: (Tons of ethical, cultural and weird ANCC type questions with feedback) These tests are excellent!!! but make sure you select the FNP-BC test banks. They are PRETTY EXPENSIVE though...approx 12.00 per 100 test.

    My suggestions to help you pass??

    Study the Leik and Fitzgerald books (mainly Leik);

    Then buy the familyNPPrep tests and the ANCC website test bank and spend 2-3 weeks reviewing all the cultural, ethical and healthcare policy questions....I would recommend spending a large amount of time with ethics (beneficence, non-malfeasance, veracity, transference, counter-transference, (and stats stuff)specificity etc..
    You will do well if you know your ethics and priorities...etc
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    Congratulations!!! I've been using both of those sources to study! Yay! Hopefully I will pass next week! Thanks so much!!