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  1. Hello. I am new to Allnurses. I am am a certified ANP. Recently I have decided to certify as a Psych NP as well. Sadly ANCC has changed their requirements since I graduated, and it looks like I will need to take an advanced pathophysiology course again. Does anyone have any recommendations for a course in southern California or online. I work and I have three kids so this is going to be difficult. I have made a lot of calls so far without success. I appreciate any help that anyone can offer.
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  3. by   little1rn10
    I recently completed advanced pathophysiology online at Maryville University. Academics | Maryville University
    However, I am not sure if they have non-degree seeking students.

    I also think that the University of Kentucky offers an online course.
    Here is the link Online Graduate Advanced Pathophysiology Course

    Hope this helps
  4. by   swoodland3690
    I have a unique problem I think. I am a PMHNP in Oregon working on reciprocity in Idaho. I took an Advanced Pathophysiology Distance class in 2003 from a southern University and I can't remember the name of it and I have moved twice and lost records so can't get proof. Also, complicating the problem is the Board of Nursing in Oregon that certified me as a PMHNP apparently has lost the record also! I am ANCC certified as a CNS but not PMHNP so they don't have record of that class. Anyone know of a southern university in that time frame that had a distance class in Advanced Pathophysiology? I didn't save bank records or tax records from that far back so that won't help. AOL, my email at that time, doesn't go back that far either. Any other ideas?