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ACNP certification

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    I have taken the exam and did not pass. The areas I was low in was nurse practitioner/patient relationship, health care delivery and professional responsibility. If anyone has any good tips or pointers on what to study please let me know. I was also wondering if anyone is interested in having a study group on face book for the ACNP exam. I am planning on re-taking ACNP certification before christmas if all goes well.
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    Small world. I did not pass the ACNP exam. I scored low in Nurse Practitioner/ Patient Relationship and Health Care Delivery. I scored high in Clinical Management and Professional Responsibility and Medium in Assessment and Diagnosis. I am not really sure how I can study for what I scored low in.

    Maybe we should talk and see if we can help each other pass! I want to retest before Christmas too. Let me know.
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    yes lets talk and set up time to study: email me @
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    I just sent you an email. Let me know if you do not get it.
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    Did you guys retest? How did you do?
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    I created a group on called "Acute Care NP Certification Review." It is public and open for anyone to join who is interested in creating and sharing flashcards for review of the ACNP certification exam. To add a flashcard on a certain topic, just select the existing flashcards on that subject and click edit to enter a question and answer and then save.

    The flashcards I have posted are compiled from Barbara Todd's ACNP Certification Exam Review book and are organized into topics. I make flashcards based on questions I have gotten wrong.

    Flashcards can be synced to your ipad/iphone/ipod touch device using the free application "Flashcards*" from the Apple store. This is what I use to flip through and review the cards and it's a really cool way to study! I just use Quizlet to make the cards before syncing because it's faster for me to type.


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