AANP/ANP Preliminary Pass but Fail on website?

  1. Anyone ever hear of this happening? So I took my ANP boards for AANP last Thursday 3/22. I have of course been watching my account online at the AANP website, anxiously awaiting it to say I have passed and I can get my documentation-I signed on today and it states my initial exam "failed". What??? Prometric's paperwork they handed me said pass. So I called the AANP, and the receptionist (everyone had gone home except her manager when I called)-I explained why I was calling (I was having a total panic attack), and she said she had never heard of it "flipping that way". She put me on hold and checked with her manager, and assured me I passed and that there had been a "glitch" in the computer system......? I asked her repeatedly-"you're sure I passed?" she said yes. I am still skeptical. Anyone else ever run into this? I am scheduled to take my GNP boards within the month-to have to take the ANP over agaiin....ugh! Really? I studied SO HARD, and felt pretty good finishing the exam....though it was tough. Thoughts? Feedback? I am still having major anxiety about it........
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  3. by   Coollittleme
    Same thing happened to me; I took mine on the 21st and passed, yesterday I checked the site and it said "Exam failed", I checked after five so I was in panic all night and cried allot. I called them today and they also mentioned the computer glitch. I checked the site today and it no longer said "Exam Failed", it said "Complete". She also said if you got a preliminary pass that you did pass. I feel so relieved! Don't worry, I'm sure we actually passed :-)
  4. by   reeya
    hahaha...talk about advance april fool. sure would give me a heart attack !!
  5. by   Tinabeanrn
    Oh no duck fan! What the heck?? I know that you passed but that really makes me leary about taking that exam now. I can't go through those types of changes. I have been through too much as is with the FNP program. Sigh.
  6. by   DuckFan23
    No worries guys. I passed-as Coollittleme said above-my status changed too. I did call them again the next day, and the AANP said there was some odd computer glitch, and if your prelim said passed, you indeed passed. All is good. Whew. Whew...breathe! Don't be leary Tinabeanrn....all is okay. You'll do fine on your exam. I have the GNP coming up in a month....
  7. by   Tinabeanrn
    Oh thank Goodness!! YAY

    Why do you have to take both? You did the ANP/Geriatric program or FNP? Another question is did you have to submit proof of your clinical hours and the patients you saw to the AANP prior to testing? My instructor mentioned something weird like that in class :/.
  8. by   DuckFan23
    Hi Tinabear-

    My post-master's program was a dual track- ANP/GNP, and my goal is geriatrics, so I registered for both exams. Seems like most employers aren't too interested in what you have-so long as it's an NP. But I already paid for it-might as well take it!

    When you send in your app to the AANP, you do need to fill out your total clinical hours, along with where you did your clinical rotations at, and who was your preceptor. You will also have to have your school verify that you took certain courses (adv pharm, role of apn, etc). Lots of paperwork! then you do that all over again for applying for licensure in your respective state. I think I have gone through two Redwood trees, as the State of Oregon-where I am, requires a separate app for the ANP cert and the GNP cert (really!?!?! Geez people!). You will need to send your transcripts in too, for your app.