Where does one find a job in addictions nursing? - page 2

That's pretty much my question. Are the jobs in in- patient rehabs? I'd love to give this area a shot, it hits close to home ( not me with the addiction). But I'd really like to help these people:)... Read More

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    Looking for a second job in a Psyc facility. I have been doing Psyc nursing for 17 plus years. If anyone knows of any in the Front Range Colorado area let me know.

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    I'm a new grad working in a detox/mental health clinic. I found this job by word of mouth. They didn't advertise, so I called the clinic to ask if they were hiring new grad LPNs and was instructed to complete an application on their website and email it directly to the site director. I had applied to numerous jobs nearly every weekday for 2 months before I found this one, then in the same week was called for an interview to a LTC facility, which I turned down because I had already accepted this position. I haven't been here long, but aside from the very demanding drug seekers, I like my job. There's good & bad with any job, so I do my best to take it in stride. Just find out the names of all the addictions facilities in your area and start calling or visiting with resumes in hand. Good luck!!
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    I work in a state-run inpatient level III.7 addictions treatment center. Keep checking if no nursing jobs are currently posted. We are always looking for pool nurses too. https://svc.mt.gov/statejobsearch/se...ts.aspx?size=0

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