research linking nurses to products of drug addicted/sick parents?

  1. Back in nursing school, my instructor had a statistic on a slide that stated 85% of nurses come from homes that had parents that were substance abusers or had to be caregivers to their parents. I was wondering if any of y'all had any links to articles or research that states this. I am interested in the research showing a connection between these variables. Personally, my Mom was a substance abuser and my Dad was always very sick with cardiac and PKD issues. So I may be a good example of this statistic, if their is such evidence.
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  3. by   stargazer88
    That's interesting. Although I don't know where you could find the answer except google it?
    Your post got me thinking..
    I came from a "normal" family. My parents did not drink or do drugs. But my mothers father was a recovering alcoholic as was her brother.
    I know many of us nurses have a need to help others. In my nursing class, most of the students had something in their past that made them decide on nursing as a career. Mostly, if I remember correctly, it was a history of being abused or neglected in some way during childhood. Many had marriage and self esteem issues.

    Have you thought about posing the question on AN asking for personal stories?
    I'd be interested to know
  4. by   wsp4905
    Yes, I did try and google it, several different titles too. And all my results were r/t nurses who were substance abusers, IPN etc.
    I would also like to hear personal stories and actually see the research evidence on this topic.
    I know in my situation, I ended up growing up very fast and helping to take care of my two younger siblings. Also with my Dad, always being sick, it did limit a lot of activities and family functions as well.
  5. by   wsp4905
    What subject matter would be best, to ask about other nurses personal stories?
  6. by   u1984
    Hi all ,did u recieved any butaine gas addiction patients meanz tell me how to handle

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