Nursing Legislation TREAT Act allowing NP's to help addicts

  1. One interesting piece of legislation they're pushing RIGHT NOW is for NP's to be able to prescribe buprenorphine, fixing DATA-2000 Act barriers. This is called the TREAT Act, however, it requires physician hand-holding to prescribe this proven, safe addiction drug, even in states where NP's are already sole practitioners.

    I found a form letter on the IntNSA (International Nursing Society on Addictions) also on their FB, or you can make your own. I've contacted 5 lawmakers with with good results. Push your house & senate reps to revise the TREAT Act allowing sole practicing prescriptive privilege NP states to continue sole prescribing, since NP's prescribe the drugs they may become hooked on, this would make an unnecessary barrier treating addiction. It doesn't change the studies showing >75% MD reluctance to prescribe that already exists, even for those already licensed to do so.

    NP's are our nation's front-line providers, requiring an MD in sole practice states is a step back, relying on something proven to be in short and unwilling supply. The TEAT Act is good legislation, but as written it doesn't increase provider numbers, reliant on the few same MD's who already do. They already tried it, 1/2 the addicts seeking help can't get it. They should leave NP's prescriptive authority as-is, adding this just like any other narcotic they already prescribe, shoring up those 50%, saving hundreds of thousands of lives.

    Does this sound likable to you? :-)