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Running on Empty

There are times in nursing when we begin to run on empty, when our emotional, spiritual and... Read More

Oldest Practicing Nurse in US Turns 90!!

Do you remember how old you were when you first said that you wanted to be a nurse? For some it is... Read More

Why You Need an Elevator Speech

Sometimes an opportunity comes your way, maybe an introduction to someone who could help you land... Read More

The Positive Aspects of A Nursing Career

Choosing a career is not easy. Preferences, talents, and needs evolve as we mature; I know mine... Read More

Kid, you made my day!

This is a story about a young man who took charge of his life and made an important decision that... Read More

7 Social Media Posts That Will Destroy Your Nursing Career Before It Begins!

You just graduated Nursing School and you are wondering why you are not getting any call backs from... Read More

What I Wish Would Change/Be Different

by Lev <3

Some of my thoughts and reflections on nursing that I wish would happen. They would make nursing a... Read More

Redefining "Abuse"

Article about the term "Abuse" as it pertains to geriatric citizens and residents of long term care... Read More

Solutions for Tired, Achy Feet

Foot problems can dog a nurse from the beginning of their career to the end. Many different issues... Read More

I failed out of Nursing School... Appealed and WON!!

I am currently a Senior Nursing Student, I have read countless blogs, threads, and websites and... Read More

67 Medications Every New ER Nurse Must Master!

Are you a brand new Nurse to the Emergency Room? Well you are in luck! Learn in this article about 67 medications you will be administering... Read More

Top States and Hospitals for Nursing Jobs

Recent information has been made available for nurses to utilize in finding the best states for nursing jobs. Going even further, a list of the top... Read More

Code Blue: Where Do I Stand?

Code Blue. Alarms ringing. Hands shaking. Adrenaline pumping. Head spinning and reeling. Floor nurses, CNAs and others run and land in one room. A... Read More

“What I Learned From My Preceptor” words of wisdom from the senior nursing students

Preceptors deserve a lot of credit. Being a preceptor, working one-on-one with a nursing student or a new graduate nurse, twelve hours at a time, is... Read More

My Nursing Career: A long look back

Looking over my career over the past forty some years has certainly been interesting and rewarding. I have always said that I could write a book... Read More

How to get your first RN job!!

I graduated one year ago in a class of about 70 people. I live in a fairly saturated job market, and still speak to most of my classmates. A few of... Read More

You just can’t make “This Stuff” up…..

I am proud to be a male nurse. It is my calling. It just took me a long time to hear it. I was a demolition expert in the Army and went to a medic... Read More

Pain Management in Five Easy Pieces

While scores of patients in the hospital environment experience some degree of pain, for many of us the topic of pain and pain management is (pardon... Read More

Canadian 2013 RN passed NCLEX first go! Here's what I did...

Hello everyone! I stalked this forum like it was my life while studying and I knew I had to post once my exam was finished regardless of if I passed... Read More

Why I cannot hate the Affordable Care Act

by jaycam

There was a time when I would've considered the ACA unnecessary. That I would've been annoyed by it. This was also a time where I had little to no... Read More

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