Spring 2012 Washington State University College of Nursing Acceptance Letters?

  1. Anyone else out there waiting to hear back about weither you got accepted to WSU ICN? My interview was October 22nd (the first weekend) and it seems like I've been waiting forever to hear. I know its getting close to time and I was wondering if anyone recieved their letter yet, or know anyone who has? I applied for Fall and didnt get in so I'm not at Eastern (where I did my pre reqs) right now, and all my friends that did apply didnt get interviews, so I'm not in contact with anyone else who applied. I have that anxiety on my way home everyday waiting to see what is in the mail It would be great to hear from someone!
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  3. by   Broncoman
    I am also among those waiting for an acceptance letter from WSU school of nursing. I called this morning, and they said that all acceptance letters will be mailed out this week, probably tomorrow (Thursday, November 17th).

    Good luck to you!!!

  4. by   tnbutterfly
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  5. by   TristanNicole
    I was so nervous about the whole thing, I applied for fall 2011 and didnt get accepted but the letters came out two weeks after the second weekend interviews, this time its been 3 weeks... do you know if anyone has gotten denial letters?
  6. by   boldautumn

    I also applied to WSU's Spring 2012... I haven't received either an acceptance or a denial letter. I had an interview on the 29th... but it feels like the wait is taking forever. I know the interview letter said that they'd notify us by the 25th. I'm hoping Broncoman is right and the letters arrive in our mailboxes tonight. Until then I'm on pins and needles!

  7. by   TristanNicole
    I totally know how you feel! I'm house sitting for a friend today so I wont be home with the mail comes and its driving me nuts. I'm thinking if they sent them out today I wont get mine tell Saturday or Monday.:uhoh21:
  8. by   boldautumn
    I was like this for the interview letters too. The day that they told me that they were going in the mail was the day that I received mine. I think they say two days after they mail them. that way they could reduce the amounts of calls.
  9. by   boldautumn
    good news/bad news... no letter today.
  10. by   Broncoman
    I spoke to WSU Spokane this morning, and was told that acceptance letters for all campuses were mailed THIS MORNING. Watch those mailboxes, and good luck to you all!
  11. by   TristanNicole
    I've never even thought about calling the school lol, good idea! I just checked my mail and nothing.
    When I applied for Fall and we were waiting to hear back there was a rumor going around that you didnt want to get yours first because they sent the rejection ones out first... well come to find out i didnt get in and was one of the first to get my letter... anyone else heard any rumors like this for this round?
  12. by   Broncoman
    No letter today, hopefully Monday.
  13. by   TristanNicole
    Got my letter, I'm accepted!!
  14. by   Broncoman
    Quote from TristanNicole
    Got my letter, I'm accepted!!
    Congratulations!!!! You live near Spokane, I assume? I'm currently living in Puyallup, so it'd take longer to get here.
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