pvamu fall 2012 BSN applicants - page 7

hey guys i am a fall 2012 applicant who was waitlisted last session, and who is reappling. i wanted to start a forum to support and inform all fall 2012 applicants... Read More

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    well maybe not for PV but I see the other schools have a lot of activity, whats that about. EVERYBODY JOIN THE THREAD PLEASE LOL
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    ahh.. okiee! so we can get them friday or any day of next week I'm assuming? well that ease my mind a little bit..
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    yes hopefully before then
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    just got off the phone with my friend 9 a generic student0 he just got his letter from the mail box...brace yourselves
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    please ignore the numbers my key board is acting weird
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    COOL! so he was accepted? Thats great won't be much longer for you then. Hope you get it soon, did your mail already run for today?
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    he got an acceptance to the"upper division school of nursing" which is here in houston, the bsn program, my mail is not yet here, i feel like im going to die if there is nothing in the mail because we turned it in a the same time.....i freakk out every time i think the maill truck is comming!
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    Iiiiiiimmmmmmmmmm iiiiiinnnnnnnnnnn!!!!
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    Hi, I've been reading this board for a few months but decided to join. I also received my acceptance packet today. I also applied to UT TMC. So if I get accepted to both then i'll have to decide which one I want to go to.
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    Sara Im so glad youre done waiting LOL
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    About time you joined!

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