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Hi, just wondering if anyone has evidence of surfactant being effective when used in older babies and children ie 12 month old? thanks in advance... Read More

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    Quote from qcumba
    Oh and dont worry about hijacking,ive never seen liquid ventilation,how did it work?
    PLV (partial liquid ventilation) - essentially a pt's FRC was filled with perfluorocarbon, an inert chemical with a very high oxygen diffusivity and low surface tension. It's my understanding that the liquid had to be replaced periodically to reoxygenate. It also showed great promise for its ability to recriut atelectasized areas of the lung at very low pressures. I've never seen it, however I did write a paper on PLV in respiratory school. There have been some more recent studies of PLV in ARDS Pt's, however the mortality rate was higher than those ARDS Pt's studied in the initial ARDSnet studies with conventional ventilatory modes. I just googled PLV and came up with quite a bit.
    To the OP: Did you have a chance to use NO on your Pt?

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    NO as in no or Nox?yes we tried the Nox it helped initially but not for long
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    Yea...NO as in Nitrtic Oxide. I see that in your earlier post now........Sounds like nothing worked on this poor little one
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    Yes, unfortunately nothing really worked, but maybe its better,he fought(sp)for 4 days,we celebrated when his sats went into the 70's - didnt happen often,so his brain function if he had recovered would most likely not have been great.
    Doesnt make it less sad or frustrating tho.
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    I had a kiddo yesterday with recently diagnosed NHL, in septic shock with fungal PNA who received Surfactant x2 after doing progressively worse on a HFOV. Ended up not having to go the ECMO route, and the kiddo is doing great on a conventional vent and there are even mutterings re: extubation in the near future-- it's the first time I've ever seen Surfactant used in a bigger kid, but looks like it might have been successful!

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