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Just read the story about the gal that swallowed her engagement ring that her boyfriend slipped into her milkshake. She didn't believe him until she saw the x-ray! Fortunately, the crisis passed ;) ... Read More

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    Well, had ANOTHER nail into the skull this month! again, no neuro deficit.
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    I've seen:
    - Scissors and gauze swabs on an xray left in a patient (and patient wasn't told apprarently!)
    - I've seen an xray where a patient's cancer was GONE the next day, everyone gasped in amazement. Then the cleaner leaned into the light box where we were all standing with our mouths open and said: That's the wrong xray! Someone had put another person's xray in the wrong packet.
    - I've seen an xray of a panfacial fracture where half the skull was approx ONE INCH DOWN from it's original position. The patient's head had literally split in two and the whole side of his skull was cracked and hanging down under his skin. It was the most unreal and bizarre thing I've ever seen. And he didn't have surgery right away and didn't have much pain apparently!!
    Seen heaps others but these are the ones that stuck in my mind.
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    Quote from R!XTER
    Didn't see this personally, but my co-worker told me a patient came to our ED a few years ago with a high fever. Origin could not be determined. No pneumonia, UTI, etc, everything looked good. She also had a very weird odor about her and no one could figure out where it was from. Finally after much investigation, they found that she had *grapes* up her vagina, couldn't get them out, and they were rotting.
    (I try not to think about that when I eat grapes )
    I just thought reading this: it'd be funny if she suddenly started peeing wine HA HA!
    Sorry sick I know, I'm getting over tired
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    We did a bronch on a guy who came in with "resp distress"...found a $1 and cocaine residue...had a post op a few days ago...a VERY large sweet potato stuck in the said before...we couldn't make this stuff up!!!!
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    Quote from talaxandra
    A woman who cathed herself with a garden hose and dropped fish hooks into her bladder

    Another female patients who inserted a dozen or so pins and needles under her skin - she looked like she'd been pinned and plated (without the plates)!

    Fish hooks?? what the heck!

    Not x-ray related but when I worked with an opthalmologist I had a lady rip her eyelids off with a fork. She said her dog did it but the paramedics found the fork next to her. She looked like the little blue guy up there by my "what the heck". One of the weirdest things I had seen before becoming an RN.

    We had another guy, didn't see the x-ray but I saw the picture of all the objects he had swallowed that were in his stomach prior to surgery. There had to be at least 30-40 things in that picture, it looked like a picture from an " I spy" children's book where you try to find objects in a pic.
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    Wow - there sure are some strange folks out there.
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    Wildest thing I've seen is head with 8 nails in it on xray... best part guy was awake and talking!
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    Split notochord or "butterfly verbetra." The thoracic spine split and then came together again, so he had 2 spines that formed a heart shape. He was also situs inversus, with meningocele.
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    i just threw up a little.
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    stop it!! no more!!! too many things up rectums and urethras!! :uhoh21:

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