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Who wants to go to Emory? Summer 2013 ABSN/MSN - page 4

To anyone else who put in an application to Emory this fall and is anxiously awaiting news from the office of admissions: let's wait together! Only about 8 weeks until this seemingly impossible wait... Read More

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    Hey I found the "Admitted Students" link. Go to Emory's nursing website, and click on the "Admission" tab. The Admitted Student's link will be on the lower left side. Use your OPUS log in to access it.

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    Thank you so much SMB13!
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    Is anyone planning on going to the Admitted Students Day? I keep trying to find more information about what will be happening that day, but can only find it is going on 2-5pm. Does anyone have any more details? Not sure if I should skip school or not for the event...but can't wait to meet everyone!!!
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    I can't find any more information, and my letter still hasn't come in the mail! GRRR! But, I will be attending!

    Just wondering if anyone else is having a hard time finding the facebook page...
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    I definitely can't make it--it is on a work day and flights this late in the game aren't cheap.Could I persuade anyone to give a run down of the event afterward? Either on here, by email or a brief chat on the phone with me? Emory was one of my top 3 choices and I am still waiting back on the last two, so I would love to chat with someone about their experience at the open house if I can...
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    How awesome! I don't know why I haven't seen this thread yet. I was also accepted for the midwifery specialty. Any other future midwives out there? I haven't heard much about the program so any insight would be awesome. I can't attend the admitted students day but plan to visit sometime in February.
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    I also won't be able to make it to the Admitted Students' Day (currently living overseas!) so I would also love it if someone could post some info afterwards! Emory is one of my top choices but I am still waiting to hear back about scholarship/financial aid information...I'm not sure I can afford it otherwise!
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    I can't attend either. I have a feeling (or at least I am hoping) that they will have an other admitted students day later on. They only gave about three weeks notice and I'm sure they understand that three weeks was kind of tight... I hope! Emory is a top contender and I really wanted to attend on Feb 8th!
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    We should all let them know this--that we all are very interested in Emory but need availability on the weekend/more notice
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    Hey-For those who are worried about not being able to attend... I'll be going to the Admitted students day and will give you a run down of the event. I'll try to post over the weekend.
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    Did anyone on this site apply for the Woodruff scholarship? Are there any recipients of the scholarship monitoring this thread? If so, what were your stats or if you know a friend that got it their stats were????
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    From the applications, it didn't seem like quantitative stats were as high of a concern for them...
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    Quote from lifeismuzik
    From the applications, it didn't seem like quantitative stats were as high of a concern for them...
    On a positive side I do hope you are correct, however, someone previously posted that last year's cutoff was 3.90...Therefore, I was just wondering what this year's applicant pool would be hence my interest in the people, like myself, who did apply this year.