Waiting for a reply to masters application?

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    I had applied a few weeks ago for a master program in CNM/WHNP. Am going crazy waiting for a reply! Anyone else going through this waiting period? Anyone else want to cry with not knowing what your future will bring, or when?
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    I recently applied to a CNM program as well and should know something by the end of October. The school I applied to caps their class at 14 students though, so I'm nervous!
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    Where did you apply? I am still waiting too. Are you doing online or brick and mortor?
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    I live in NC and applied to East Carolina University. The lectures are online. Lab will be on campus. Clinical all over the state. I am supposed to hear something next week.
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    But, they cap their classes at 14 and I do not have L&D experience, so I'm nervous 😁
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    YEAH!!! I have been accepted for the online Masters in midwifery/WHNP program at Georgetown University!!! I just got the email about 20 minutes ago. Can't believe it. I was so worried they wouldn't take me (no L&D experience and no idea what my references would say about me). I know that it is so expensive, but it is also fast - only 18 months. I am currently living on child support and alimony which will be ending in a couple of years. I should be working as a midwife before it does. Just under the wire! Now I just have to excel in the classes, graduate, and pass the boards. Should be easy after the application process! Right?!
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    Congrats! Unfortunately, Georgetown's online programs are not approved in NC (where I live) so I can't apply there. I have a friend in FL who is doing the FNP program through Georgetown though and she likes it. Good luck with everything
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    Thank you! You will be in my thoughts and prayers the next few week also. I was a Navy wife for 15 years and used to have a APO address. Is your "APO525" something significant?
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    Oh Lord, just got a look at my bill for this first term. I pray that financial aid is in my future! And then a way to pay off the student loan!
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    Dalla, Congrats on that AMAZING news! I am in the process of applying to CNM/WHNP programs and I am so anxious. I've heard that Georgetown is super competitive, but I love the idea of being finished in less than 2 years. I have L&D experience, good references, pretty solid resume I think. I am just insecure about my undergrad. I didn't go to a very prestigious school for my ADN or BSN. I am so afraid this will hurt me considering the competitive nature of Georgetown. But I want this so bad. Do you mind me asking you what you believe were your strong points that helped you be accepted? I really appreciate any info/advice you might be able to send my way. Thanks!

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