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  1. Emergent

    Opposition to Contact Tracing

    I see that there is a loud and vocal group a people adamantly opposed to contact tracing. Here in my state the ACLU went to bat for them. Now it will be voluntary for people to put your name in a log in a restaurant, when they open them back up again. Frankly, I think those people are overestimating their own importance. The FBI isn't concerned with where they eat lunch. They still continue to carry around their smartphones, letting Google and other entities trace their every movement. They criticize over-controlling governors, yet they themselves are unwilling to compromise. Believe me, I am not fond of the governor of our state. He has gone beyond the flattening the curve goal, to not wanting to reopen the economy until there are no cases . I don't think he is realistic about the economic devastation ahead . The initial response was reasonable, but now he is digging his heels in. Yet, the people opposing him are just as uncompromising.The reality is, this virus real, but we can't wait for a vaccine, and keep the economy shutdown until it comes. We all need to work together to save our nation, and that involves give and take.

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