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i need some advice!

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Okay, so i'm pretty sure this is the correct place to ask this...

Here it goes..

This Fall I'll be going to College majoring in Social Work. Since i love the whole aspect of working in a hospital i wouldn't mind becoming a medical social worker. That way i could still be in a medical setting, plus i think that career would be very fulfilling and interesting.

However, recently i have been very interested in pursuing a career in the medical field. More specifically as a nurse in pediatrics. I have always loved and respected nurses, doctors..etc. And i think i would be a great nurse. i have a lot of patience, i'm kind, friendly, caring, I love children and I am very hard worker... plus i don't get queasy dealing with blood lol... I think these Qualities would be great for nursing.

The problem.....i'm not the brightest in math or science... Don't get me wrong, i like science..but it takes a lot of time and studying for me to do well in these areas, and through out high school i have always struggled in mathematics. My parents have told me i'm not cut out to be a nurse because of my weakness in these areas, so i never really thought I could become a nurse until now. I like the idea of becoming a social worker, but i can't help but think i may regret not seeing what kind of nurse i would be... I know i could change my major, and my school has a fabulous nursing problem..but i think it may be too late.

So what do you all think... Could i possibly pursue a nursing career? And Could having a weakness in math and science affect my chances of becoming one?

i hope that made sense lol

and thank you to whoever respond!


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If I understand what you're saying: you haven't even started college and want to know if it's too late to change your major? Haha, my major changed 4 times and I still graduated in 3.5 years! Students change their major all the time. It might be too late to get into some of the courses they probably suggest you take your first semester as a pre-nursing student, but a lot of stuff that first year or two is just gen eds anyway. Try calling the nursing department adviser and asking what you would need to do at this point to switch!

And on a more personal level - I had settled into my pre-med classes my freshman year of college, and then I had a freak panic attack and convinced myself I couldn't cut it - that I couldn't do math and science. I changed my major to history. I loved history, and I enjoyed completing my B.A. in history. But I've always regretted not seeing my pre-med classes though. I got a job as a CNA in a hospital and realized that healthcare really is what I want to do with my life! I got over myself and enrolled in anatomy and microbiology last fall - and guess what? I did awesome! I *CAN* do math and science, I just had to apply myself and work towards my goal.

Don't let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do. Not believing in your math and science ability is NOT a good reason to be scared away from something. I learned that the hard way.

Good luck finding the right path for you, whether it be nursing or social work or something completely different!

I'm not necessarily worried about changing my major yettt haha

but Thank you so much! that was very helpful :)

don't worry about the math & science.. if you're really interested in nursing & dedicated to it, you will overcome the difficulties :) I'm not great in math but I studied my butt off and constantly asked ppl questions if I didn't understand something. I'm now working my 1st job and I'm getting better and better with math.

I think if you work hard at it, you can certainly get through nursing school. Just keep in mind that there will still be a lot of science and math involved when you are working as a nurse. Pediatric nursing especially requires a lot of math because medication doses are determined by the child's weight.

I'm strong at science but very weak at math so I understand your fears. Never let those slow you down. You can get a tutor if you really need extra help. The only class I failed in college was a math class. And guess what I didn't let that stop me, I took it over again and I graduated with a decent GPA. I have a great job on a med surg floor.

It may take me longer then others to do the math but I can, most of it is very basic stuff and once it clicks for you you'll be able to be a proficient nurse.

Follow your passion!

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Math was never my strong suite, either. Get a study group, tutor, or whatever it takes. I had to take one math class twice, but that didn't stop me. Go after your dreams!

:yeah:If you want to be a nurse then go for it!! With technology and all of the resources that are out there for students to explore, you can do anything. Just remember to communicate with your instructors and don't be afraid to just ask for help when you need it. A lot of people wait until the last minute...when they are sinking and can't seem to find a way out from under the stress and paperwork, but nursing faculty what you to pass and do a good job. I love science and did well in it but math and I didn't really get along and still fight with each other once in a while, but I study and ask for help and have kept every nursing book that I bought and I have been a nurse for almost 10 years now..so go for it...don't tear yourself down...just go for it!!!

If nursing is your ultimate goal... math and science can be overcomed with patience (with yourself), practice, and additional resources (remedial/basic math texts, use of a tutor). I believe the real "weed out" of potential nurses is the mental state of not believing in their own capabilities before even stepping into a pre-req class.

NOthing is impossible really!! I know a nursing student who find weakness in math, yet she have one of the greatest qualities of being a good nurse, she is caring like you are and hardworking too.. the thing is everything can be worked out,, strengthen your weaknesses, and never stop your faith! cause one day you might really be the nurse you always wanted to be!

You can do all as long as ur true calling is in that field... i mean, math and science wouldn't be a big deal for u, as long as u have a calling to devote ur time to nursing. Working as a nurse isnt an easy profession i must say, it's quite demanding though, thats why u need to have a calling......

Go get ur dream, dont let anything slow u down or hold u down


I think you are at an awesome start, you have realized your weaknesses- (if you want to change your major.) Those are the areas that you will want to spend more time on. My major at first, was human services- and I changed to nursing despite the same exact fears that you have. My first science class was Biology for the health technologies, (at a community college- it is a prerequisite to take anatomy and physiology for the R.N program) and it was hard for everyone- including the people that enjoyed science. I think the key to it, is that you remember high school and how hard it was for you at that time. Now, you are more determined, you are willing to make sacrafices and study as hard as you can. You can do anything that you put your mind to. I was so scared for my first science class, and ended up with an A. It took lots of hard work to get there, but I put countless hours into it because I knew it was one of my weaker areas. Good luck to you, and stay positive. You sound like you have a passion for nursing- and that will get you through anything!


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If nursing is really what you want to do, I say go for it!

There are some science and math classes you'll have to take, and you do use science a good bit in nursing, for the anatomy and physiology, sometimes the micro...as far as math goes, mainly what you use is basic multiplication and division to figure out drug calculations. That's pretty simple!

I believe that if your calling is in nursing, you can overcome this though. Give it a shot. If you do experience any trouble, I can promise you won't be alone. Form study groups, talk to your instructors. There are a lot of people out there who WANT to help you and have faith you will become the great nurse that you know you will.

Don't give up on your dream career because you're not the strongest in a subject. Good luck!


every dream is worth fighting for

God bless the nurse :)


I wouldn't start worrying yet. There are a lot of people who do not think they will do well until they apply themselves! However, it is very important to 'make the grades,' AND understand what it is you're learning. After all, Nursing has a lot of math and science involved in all practicality.

I do some tutoring for the classes (Math and A&P) and would highly recommend finding a tutor. A lot of schools have upperclassmen that do tutoring for free, or a very small fee. If Nursing is something you truly care about, you'll find a way to make it work.

I applied for LPN school back in 1988. That was when they still had the ACT test ( I think today you have to take a lot of different tests). I scored a FOUR in the math section. The AVERAGE score was 18. I just knew this would keep me from getting in, but somehow I got in!!

I am a Family Nurse Practitioner now. You can do it!


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