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  1. tnbutterfly - Mary

    New U.S. Politics Club is Now Open

    Attention!! Attention!! Read All About It!! We are pleased to announce that allnurses now has a new Club: U.S. Politics Club. In the U.S. Politics Club, you can discuss anything related to politics including the up-and-coming Presidential election and who’s running, “Will there be a convention?”, which candidate to vote for, President Trump’s plan regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic, Joe Biden’s stance on reviving the economy, the media … anything political! Please remember - The Terms of Service still apply. Please stay on topic and no personal attacks. We look forward to seeing your topic of discussion in the new U.S. Politics Club at allnurses. Please let your fellow members know about this new Club. We also have the Coffee Lounge Club for other off-topic discussions.
  2. Joe V

    Coffee Lounge Club Open

    The new Coffee Lounge Club is now open to Platinum Members. The Coffee Lounge is an off-topic discussion forum for Platinum and long-time members. The forum is open for all to read but only Invited Members can participate. Feel free to talk about politics, sports, dating, dieting, etc.
  3. At report time, one of our per diem nurses once again launched into an opinionated little speech about a certain religious group. It's really ackward when people do this, and offensive. I don't like to make a scene, but if you have an issue with a religious group, a politician, a nationality, I don't want to hear it. Thank you.

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