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  1. ClaraRedheart

    Mobility question from new covid nurse

    Our unit was the last safe space from covid at my hospital. We’ve run out of space, so we’re getting them in non-negative pressure rooms. We also have patients in the hallways. Anyways, I’m a new covid nurse just now learning the markers (d-din...
  2. Oxygen requirements & level of care

    Part of our floor is COVID med-surg. When we first opened we were told patients had to be stable on 6L or less per nasal cannula for at least 2 hours before they could come. Last week it changed to 10L or less NC or simple mask. Today they sent us a ...
  3. Water rationing due to COVID-19! Hospitalized patients with Covid-19 require Oxygen therapy during acute phase of illness, during convalescence in a SNF/Rehab setting with many long haulers needing Oxygen for months or even permanently due to lu...

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