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  1. Some may already know this but today is amazon PRIME DAY! Prime Day is an annual deal event for Prime members on Oct. 13-14, delivering incredible savings on products from small businesses & top brands. I ordered a number of things... ...
  2. What rhythm is this?

    I can't figure out this one rhythm. Can you please help me? THANKS!
  3. EKG on female patients

    How do all of you do EKGs on female pts? I've been using a towel folded longwise to cover their breasts. My big concern is placing electrodes and connecting the leads when they are large and a bit saggy. Do you ask them to lift themselves? I work...
  4. EKG: It's in alphabetical order!

    This might sound like the biggest "duh!" you have ever heard in your life, but today I slapped my forehead and noticed it for the first time. The letters of the normal sinus rhythm, P-QRS-T-U are in alphabetical order. That's how you know if they are...