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  1. As a pre-health admissions student, you want to get the best out of your prerequisites. It's the best time to get a bit of work done and shorten up the Fall's course load in the Summer. But as a beginner to prereqs, you don't want to stress yourself out. As a pre-nursing student who has taken all of their prerequisites, here's a list of what I think are the top 5 classes to take during the Summer semester. Low Stress Summer Classes Sociology – This is a very low-stress class! I enjoyed sociology very much during starting as a pre-nursing student. Sociology was a mixture of learning about social groups, social change, and stratification. The final and the midterms are usually very low stress. Psychology – This was a very interesting class to take and is also the pre-cursor to Human Development, which is usually offered during the Fall. As a student who has taken psychology in the Summer, although easy, it required a bit more elbow grease when learning certain material, but it's very doable! Humanities Courses – This ranges from Music Appreciation to Arts Appreciation. These are a series of fun and engaging classes! I've taken a series of humanities classes and fell in love with them. If you start as a pre-nursing student , these are great ways to keep yourself busy and you'll find yourself immersed in the material. English – As a pre-nursing student and an avid reader, I found English class to be a very great course to take during the Summer! As a heads up, English courses during the Summer aren't difficult, but out of all of the prereqs, I'd say that this course required more, because from experience you'd be reading anywhere from three to five stories and then writing a research paper due by the end of the week. If anything, I took this course with two others, and while looking back on it, I'd recommend that English be a course that you'd take by itself. Medical Terminology - When it comes to this course, I heard from an ear's distance that medical terminology for students taking Anatomy in the Fall is a great start! From experience from my time in anatomy, a couple of students took medical terminology before anatomy. They said that it benefitted them because they weren't as confused with the material as the other students, like me, who didn't take medical terminology. Summer Class Tips: For a maximum course load, take only three courses - When it comes to experience, I will leave the full course load at three courses. I say this because the Summer classes are usually shorter, and certain courses are more intense. For example, I believe a maximum and low-stress course load would be something like sociology and music appreciation at a minimum. Consider taking English by itself – If you are beginning and want a low-stress Summer, I'd recommend taking English by itself. From experience, I took my English classes while taking psychology ad sociology. At times, the timing I put into each course was difficult, mainly because psychology required discussions and English required lots of reading. I passed, but looking back on it, I wished I would have taken it by itself. Take time off to enjoy your Summer! – As cheesy as this sounds, your early prerequisites summers will be the best experience when you look back at it in few years; weirdly, it gives me the most nostalgic feelings. Do things with people that you love, set goals for yourself, and enjoy life! 4. Don't be afraid to sit in class – Don't get me wrong online courses are great! But building some connections with teachers, getting some Vitamin D, or just enjoying the beauty of campus helps make for a great Summer! From experiences, I let my shyness (and fear of bugs) get in the way of me sitting in class. Taking online courses was great, but I wished I got to sit in a class that semester. References If more tips and information is needed this is a great place to start The Pros and Cons of Taking Summer Classes