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Hi, I am currently attending a junior college and completing all my neccasary 60 units before transferring and applying to the nursing program. My question is once you completed those and apply to transfer do you technically have a general AA degree? and do you attend a certain type of graduation for completing the transfer requirements, or do you just continue on until you have received your BSN?

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You just continue on until you get your BSN.


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You could get an Associates before going on to a BSN program or you could just do the 60 hrs and transfer to a BSN program without getting an Associates. You won't "technically" have an Associates degree just for completing the pre-reqs, you have to follow a degree plan of some sort and then file for graduation. You may (or may not) have all the requirements done with those 60 hrs (according to a degree plan) for an Associates degree at your school. I really would ask an academic advisor. In my state (Texas), we have something called the "Transfer 101" program. The program is in place to help make continuing education easier. This program basically is that if you obtain an Associates degree in Texas then the credits obtained from that degree automatically transfer if you decide to attend a public university in Texas' Bachelors degree program afterwards. (Side-note, not sure if everything transfers with this program (i.e. credits towards nursing core), but I know that all your "basics" towards a Bachelors do). It might be worth looking into to see if your state has a program like this. In my experience, it is sometimes difficult to get CC credits to transfers to certain BSN programs. Depends all on the BSN program. You will have to check with the BSN program itself to see if they will accept your transfer credits. Although, if all your credits will transfer to the school you are planning to attend without completing an Associates, then you really don't need it to. I would talk to an academic advisor at your school AND the school you plan to attend for your BSN. Best of luck!



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Well you can get your AA if you want & if you have all your classes for whatever your major is there. I was going to apply for my AA in pre nursing since I was done & I had them all to transfer, well it turned out that the community college didn't take my arts transfer from California but the university I transferred to did so they wanted the arts class to get my AA & wasn't gonna bother with an extra class that already transferred so I said forget it, at the end of the day you really are only going to need that bsn if that's what your going for. So it's up to you just be smart about it!!


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I am graduating tomorrow with two associates from my community college: AA in psychology & AS in pre nursing. I start at a BSN program in the fall. Having my pre nursing associates, I will have all gen eds covered & will only have to take nursing courses. The reason why I decided to pursue the associates is because it was only one extra class to take to officially get the associates. I was going to be here this past semester anyways taking my last science pre req so might as well take the extra class.

I did not actually set out for the psychology degree but because I took a lot of psychology courses as electives, I was eligible for it.



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I think It's different for every school and or program. With mine, the required 60 hours are part of earning an associates degree of science which is then a requirement for the BSN program that I transfer to. This is a special partnership agreement between my community college and my private university BSN program and is a state implemented program called a pathway.


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I personally graduated with my LA degree but you do not have to. It is up to you.