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  1. I sat for my NCLEX yesterday, and my test shut off at the minimum. I broke down into tears when this happened, not because I thought I failed, but because of the relief of the test being over, mixed with the terror that I could do nothing else but wait. If you would have asked me how I felt leaving the test center, I would have said I felt worried but almost positive that I passed. Knowing me- knowing where I graduated from and the amount of preparation I did, I would have been floored if I had been failed in 60 questions. Now this is where I made a series of mistakes. I began googling things I wasn't sure about, looking on forums and blogs to see if anyone could give me comfort regarding the NCLEX. The more I searched, the more I doubted myself. Then came the dreaded (or beloved) PVT. I followed the directions perfectly, and got a bad popup. I slammed my computer shut and became overcome with anxiety and dread. I started overthinking everything, trying to figure out how I could have been failed in 60 question. To me, it didn't make any sense. But to everyone else on the internet, it was the gold standard of finding out if you passed or failed the test. The remainder of the day was the worst, most anxiety ridden day of my life. I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, and even now I still feel sick to my stomach. I woke up this morning and checked my state's BON. And sure enough, my name was there. I PASSED. I know people swear by the PVT, but it is not 100% accurate, I am a testament to that. Please save yourself the anxiety and refrain from doing it. I wish I never had. That 'trick' led me to doubt myself and my abilities, when otherwise I would have still been nervous but I would have been confident that I did well. If you do get the bad pop-up, don't let it define how you view your NCLEX. Logically think through everything you had done in school, how you prepared and answered practice questions. If you are confident in your abilities, then a glitch in a website should not determine how you did on your NCLEX.
  2. Hi guys Under the new NCLEX rule if the computer shut you off at 60 question does it mean that you answered 50 question right or you only answered 25 question right. How bad is that the computer will shut you off at 60? Please kindly advice. So nervous and tired of taking NCLEX. I studied and I reviewed most material in the website LOL. Is this a bad news if you remember 5 question and you checked and you really answered the wrong answer. Also this not fair, you will study all month and NCLEX will ask question from different area. SMH I hope I pass honestly just tired of testing.
  3. CPres2018

    Passed NCLEX in 60 using Kaplan ONLY!

    Hello Future Nurses! If you have your NCLEX coming up, and you're anything like I was, you're FREAKING OUT. I wanted to make a post about my experience with NCLEX and what I used and how I benefitted from those resources, hopefully ease some nerves. My school included Kaplan in the package, and quite frankly, I couldn't afford UWorld, so Kaplan is what I used and stuck with. In addition to Kaplan, I used the Saunders book for content review, and Nurse Achieve for their Computerized Adaptive Test (CAT). Nurse Achieve is doing a deal where they offer a free 30 days to sign up and utilize their test bank and CAT btw!! https://nurseachieve.com/register use code "free30" to utilize this! Highly recommend!! They don't ask for credit card information or anything, it is legit! I believe it's going on until mid-July. I did the question trainers through Kaplan and had average of low 60s and high 50s for question trainers 1, 2, and 3. Q Trainer 4: 60% Q Trainer 5: 57% Q Trainer 6: 58% Q Trainer 7: 62% If you have scores around these or even more than these, try not to worry, you are doing well!! I then went on the other exams. Who Do You See First: 80% Alternate Format: 38% (which is normal, people usually score in the 20-30s) NCLEX SAMPLE 1: 58% NCLEX SAMPLE 2: 48% (YIKES) This is where I got super discouraged. I knew under the 50% line was not ideal, and I needed to do some further review and strategy to do better. After a bit more content review, and some QBANK in my weak areas, I went ahead and took the readiness test and scored a 67%. This was good! I knew > 65% was the goal and I started to gain a little bit of confidence. At this point I was less than a week away from the NCLEX and this is where I started to take my CAT exams from NurseAchieve! This was essential! I was able to gauge the difficulty as I was taking the exam and could tell when I was getting some wrong and some right. This is how the NCLEX is designed and those adaptive tests taught me what difficulty level that questions were, and how to feel if I was doing well, or doing poorly. After taking the CAT exams 5x and receiving Solid-Pass on 4 of them, and Pass on 1 of them, I felt ready. I was going to pass this test, I knew it. I kept telling myself, there is no reason for me to fail. I am prepared. I will do well. Speak positively to yourself because you will be there in no time!! Try not to focus on bad scores, but remediate the topics and TAKE NOTES to review later!! The day of my exam, my husband drove me up to Sacramento and we had a nice lunch. He spoke positively to me and told me he believed in me. Support people are everything. We prayed together, and I left my phone in the car, and started heading for the building. Talk about an ANXIOUS MESS! I felt my heart beating out of my chest. Before I knew it, it was time to press start and do this test! At question 60, my heart was beating quickly again, when I pressed next, the screen shut off. I DID IT, IT'S OVER. Now the waiting game....... I received the email from Pearson Vue, that I had taken the test but still had questions, and didn't do the Pearson Due Trick right away, but when I got home that is the first thing I did! Got the "GOOD" pop up! Worked for me, since I found out 2 days later that YES, I PASSED! I didn't pay for the unofficial results, instead, I went to the Board of Registered Nursing and looked up my name. There it was. My license. Registered Nurse. Praise GOD! He brought me this far and came through! I hope these study tips and scores help some who may be testing soon. Remember with Prioritization think: Expected/Unexpected Stable/Unstable Acute/Chronic & ALWAYS Airway, Breathing, and Circulation - Safety! Keep your head up and remember you got this!! Every time I spoke about my test, my family and friends said they knew I would pass. I'm sure many of you relate. I didn't believe them fully, I kept saying "We will see." I should've taken their good energy and said YES, ABSOLUTELY, I WILL PASS! You will pass! Have faith! Prepare, and get a good night of sleep the night before. Good luck!!
  4. ICU RN-andrews

    I passed my NCLEX with 60 questions!

    Hi! I passed my NCLEX with 60 questions two days ago. I don’t want to make this loong. I just wanted to tell you what worked for me. 1. Don’t spend too much time in one given question. This will make you over analyze each option. 2. YOU HAVE TO KNOW CONTENT. There is no way around. NCLEX is not an easy exam, and it shouldn’t be easy. We have a huge responsibility to care for people’s lives. Be responsible: learn to say NO—there is time for everything, take breaks, set a routine, be excited because you are a step closer to be what you’ve dreamt about! 3. Kaplan & UWorld are amazing. Between both programs, I completed 4200+ questions. My grades in the beginning weren’t great, but after I remediation they began to improve. I did 150Q per day. Took breaks in between.