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  1. Joe V

    Hole In My Glove!

    Nurses try very hard to practice safe and effective infection control measures. You've just finished with your patient, start to take off the disposable gloves, and there it is, a hole. It's as if you can hear it taunt you as it says, "sometimes meco...
  2. Kitiger

    Gloves Are Getting Scarce

    Is anyone else having trouble getting enough gloves? With my homecare clients we use gloves for oral care, diapering, dressing changes, suctioning, etc.. Medicaid pays for up to 4 boxes of 100 gloves/month, which is often not enough. And now the...
  3. Walmart cashiers wearing gloves?

    Hi everyone, just curious about others opinion. A few times when visiting walmart, cashiers were wearing gloves. I asked what was the reason for doing so, and they did not want to say. I'm sure its for "avoiding" illnesses but wearing gloves all day ...
  4. Found at CNN: This nurse demonstrates just how fast germs spread even if you're wearing gloves Nurse Molly explains cross contamination while wearing gloves