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  1. Furloughs are rolling out, departments are being shut down, and the pressure is high. Having been an educator for over six years now I am used to being seen as "necessary but disposable". In my new role as a Manager of Professional Practice (nursing strategic planning/recognition/professional development planning) I was definitely feeling that vibe again yesterday as I walked amongst the units dropping off some self-care donations we had gotten. When COVID hit I was given the hospital educators to "direct", I am interim coordinator (which is looking like it will be more and more permanent every day) over the new grad nurses, I have organized and rolled out all education (with the educators) for cross-training, PPE changes, vetted innovations, helped modify policy after policy, reworked Code Blue, and sat on endless calls about everything under my umbrella and then some. I guess this is more of a vent than anything else. I am grateful my leadership team feels I add value to the team above the cost of my salary (I did discuss my willingness to furlough if it was felt to be the best choice, as well as recognized I may see a pay cut at some point) but I often don't know what to say to frustrated folks on the floor who just see their managers being furloughed and them being fed back to the hospital. Thanks for listening.

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