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  1. I am currently a new grad RN. I think it is considered a RN I at where I work at? I was wondering if anyone really knew what the numbers meant. What is the difference between RN I, II, III etc? What do I have to do to get RN II. I hear you need 2 yea...
  2. Alphabet Soup of a Title

    I've heard from many others referring to the acronyms used by nurses after their name as being an alphabet soup, and I agree. It's superfluous. I understand that not all RNs have a BSN and not all APRNs are NPs or CRNAs. But wouldn't it serve to bett...
  3. Nurses, How do you feel on displaying certification credentials on your badge or nurses who displays them on their id/work badge? I am proud of them because they were a lot of hard work and time but I also do not want to seem like a show-off.

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