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  1. eksolothreuthskagkouriwn

    Confused about IV Infusion that should not be stopped

    Hello to you all, first of all excuse any mistake cause I am not a native speaker of the English language. I study paramedics and currently I am on my first year. So, we had a conversation at class about IV infusions and our teacher told us to NEVER stop an IV infusion that contains heparin, inotrope drugs, insulin or TPN. When I asked why he just didn't answer cause this specific teacher seems not to care at all about explaining things to his students. So I am now curious ... Why should these drugs (mentioned above included TPN) NEVER be stopped? For example, if you want to administer a bolus medication. And if you are aware, I would really appreciate if you mentioned more drugs that should never be stopped while on IV infusion. I know 5 only. Thanks!
  2. Have you ever heard about in-home IV infusion to get rid of hangovers? This is an idea I started thinking about when I read about it being offered in New York, and because in personal experience it works well, but someone has beat me to it locally. The basic idea is extremely simple. You call, talk to a prescriber (currently an MD, but they're looking for NPs) who asks you about your health history and symptoms, then a nurse shows up and starts an IV. They don't take insurance obviously; no one will cover this. It seems a little sketchy, like back alley medicine... but it's also pretty low risk if your screening is thorough. Now, the NYC operation I first heard about is pretty slick but seems more questionable. For instance they have different packages you get to pick from, the highest of which apparently includes IV magnesium (it says "liquid magnesium"). Not sure how I feel about that. Anyway, what do you think? If you were going to do this, how would you do it so that it was ethical? I have no intention of starting a competing business... but it seems like a brilliant way to make money.