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  1. B52 cocktail

    I understand that Benadryl, Ativan, and Haldol are not compatible when given in the same syringe IV push. However, is it safe to give when they are mixed in the same syringe and given IM?
  2. Diluting Ativan?

    OK, my ER peeps. So my new boyfriend is an ICU nurse, and we somehow came on the subject of Ativan, and he told me that it HAS to be diluted. I was like, "What?? I've never done that, or been told to do that, or seen any other nurse do that". But whe...
  3. IV Push Ativan

    Hoping to get some support for my story. Please be kind because this involves the death of my mom. My mom had metastatic breast cancer for 3 years and passed away Apr. 2021. She was in the ICU, then admitted to a med/surg floor that also had hospice ...
  4. Dosage Calculation

    Hi Everyone, I’m looking for help on this dosage calculation. I normally set up the problem as Doctor’s orders over on hand Doctor’s order for IV push Ativan 0.5mg/0.25ml On hand 2mg/1ml

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