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Failed the NCLEX? A Passed Down Blueprint to Pass the NCLEX

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The following was a secret from someone who failed the NCLEX and then passed it on! I am now an RN thanks to this person. I am now giving back. Hopefully, this will help you pass the NCLEX. Good luck!

How do you pass NCLEX after failing?

Failed the NCLEX? A Passed Down Blueprint to Pass the NCLEX

Being and RN feels Great! A feeling hard to explain. It is out of this world especially when one sacrifices so much to reach the goal.

These steps will help you get to that goal. It worked for me. They worked for the person who passed it on to me. And, they worked for countless of others. Now, it's your turn.

Follow the exact steps. If you want to mix-n-match with other plans that is fine but DO NOT neglect the following steps.

1. Read NCLEX Test Plan (Detail)

Do Not memorize it. Just read it frequently to understand how the NCLEX people want you to think as you approach the questions. I Read this daily for a few minutes just so I get a solid understanding of what the NCLEX writers expect of a safe nurse. Once you read and beginning to truly understand it will feel as if the NCLEX people helping you pass the NCLEX. It is a Great Help. Read to Understand and keep it in the back of your head as you do questions.

NOTE FROM STAFF: Information found in these files may be outdated. But, it is worth reviewing.

2013_NCLEX_RN_Detailed_Test_Plan_Candidate (RN) (PDF Download)

PN_Test_Plan_2014_Candidate (LPN) (PDF Download)

Find it in Google if the link below does not work.

2. Davis Question Bank!

HUGE! HUGE! Help which correlates with the NCLEX test plan. Once you open the Davis question and answers click on the "customize a quiz." The question bank as about 4,924 questions.

Go to the "client need" area and compare the NCLEX test Plan sections. You will see that line by line the Davis Question Bank is a mirror to the NCLEX test plan.

Do ONE CLIENT NEED at a TIME. You can go down the list from the NCLEX Test plan or in any order you desire but the key is to First Read the NCLEX test plan client of need (to keep in mind how they way you to think.) Then open the same exact area in the Davis Question Bank and do 20 or 10 questions at the time. The goal is to just apply the way the want you to think accordingly to the NCLEX test plan to each area in the Davis.

** Do NOT worry if you get a bad score. Just do your best each time you take a test and try to remember the concept behind from the rationales. Every time you learn the concept behind you are improving. Remember if you score low does not mean anything because you will never get the same questions in the NCLEX. I was scoring from 60- 70-80 to my last 2 tests 50. I just knew that if I knew the concept I would be able to figure out the correct answer in the actual test. The lady that told me about this passed the NCLEX with 76 question and was scoring 50's and barely made it to 60. Davis question can be harder and you will see once you do Davis and go back to Saunders and even Kaplan. I felt Davis were harder but it was worth my time because I felt they were very similar to the NCLEX.

3. Kaplan Videos On Questions

This should be your "Bible" as the lady that told me about this. There is a section in the Kaplan were the director of Kaplan goes over questions in details for each client area. She has 5 Lessons and each lesson has included all client need areas and are about 60 questions each. This is about 300 questions! That she goes over in GREAT DETAIL. Do not write anything just pause come up with the answer and play again and let her explain you. THIS WILL FOREVER CHANGE YOUR LIFE AS TO APPROACH THE NCLEX. She goes over the way Kaplan analyze questions and all the questions are at the LEVEL YOU WILL SEE IN THE NCLEX. It removes the fear of seeing a complex question and not knowing what to do. Do not do them at once. It will take a long time -- she goes in detail but if you do 5, 10, 20 or as many as you might need per night but the key is to do it at night and during the day apply what she says to the Davis questions. You can also do questions from Saunders and Kaplan Q Banks but the, key is to apply what she does.

How To Pass the NCLEX

  1. Read the NCLEX plan- understand area per area of how the test makers what you think
  2. Use the Davis because is a mirror of the test plan for each area and apply how the NCLEX what you to think with real questions.
  3. Listen to the Kaplan questions video daily at night
  4. And practice approaching the question the way she does to Davis and other questions you may want to use. The key is understanding the concept of what you learn.
    These are just personal thoughts I had in my mind daily which I posted in my computer as I did the questions and on the writing board they give you at the test.
  5. The answer is within the question. Once I had that in my mind, I knew that no matter how complex was the question, I could figure the correct answer. This an amazing input from Ms. Diana.
  6. I will always "COMPARE" between answer A and B. I would say which one is a better answer for my question. Then I would keep one and eliminate the other. I would continue to compare the one I liked the most and the next one until I arrived to the last 2 and when still in doubt I would use the strategy learned from the Kaplan question strategy videos. Another usually taken from granted strategy yet highly effective way to attack the NCLEX. This was also another great idea Ms. Diana stressed in her class.
  7. Before the test and when in doubt during the test I would cross my eyes and say "I am holding your hands and we are going to pass this test together." Each time I said that I felt some energy and questions would become clear because I knew I was not alone and Nothing or anyone could ever defeat the force I was holding the hand of. It is weird to say that but This is something I must say because I will never take full credit when I know I was working with a secret partner that is ready to help if we call for his help. The lady that gave me all the above advices told me about this and until I tried myself I realized what exactly she had experienced. I will not call him any name because we all have different religion and some have no religion so I am just giving facts of what I did. Feel free to try it and you will see for yourself.

Let me know if you need anything. I will be here for you.

I failed the Nclex 3 times in florida. Learn about taking the Nclex in from other States in your hometown. You will like the information you'll learn and no one talks about it.

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You are my angel. I just purchased the Kaplan to listen to the videos. I felt I was having problem understanding what the questions are asking me to answer. Thank you so much.

RNfindingherway, BSN, RN

Has 3 years experience.

Congrats. I am so very proud of you. You give ne hope of passing my NCLEX exam in the near future. I know you will SHINE as a Nurse. There are many Davis book. What is the ISBN#? Thanks and congrats again.

RNfindingherway, BSN, RN

Has 3 years experience.

The Kaplan question bank for $300.00 or the whole program $500.00 plus? Which one is best?

I appreciate your comments. Thank you. Just so you guys no. It is not about doing thousands of questions. We all know people how barely open a prep text book and passed it the first time.And there are many like myself that did over 20,000 questions! Believe me and still failed 3x!! I that completed the 10,000 of prep you. I did the Kaplan qbanks which were another 1,250 questions. I completed over 4,000 questions in Saunders. I completed the Prioritization book, over 2K questions from lippincott and many downloaded apps which I did question while I was on the road. It was nine months trying to just reach one goal. NCLEX WAS MY LIFE. I had the davis book among the many books I had purchased but I did not open it because I felt it was too hard but It was until I got the email from the lady I discussed above that I realized that there is a strong correlation between the NCLEX and the davis questions. As I discussed above all that did not matter until I knew how the NCLEX People wanted me to approached the questions. I learned that every night by listening to how the Kaplan director approached the question through the videos. Trust me guys I was not a fan of Kaplan since I had access to it and I failed the test 3 times. But I never payed attention to the videos until my friend told me. THAT WAS THE FOUNDATION WE ALL NEED TO PASS THE TEST! again in total she goes in detail over each client need totaling about 300 question. All the question similar in complexity to the NCLEX. Before watching the videos like must of us, I would see names of drugs or content that had no idea and I would freak out. By watching this videos I learned it was OK that I did not understand but no matter what I was asked using their strategies I could increase the chances to get the questions right. When I was taking the actual NCLEX, I was confident that I could figure out whatever answer since I had seen how strategies are applied. I practiced with the Davis question bank keeping in the back of my mind the way in which the NCLEX people wanted me to think by understanding the NCLEX DETAILED test plan. Remember reading the DETAILED test plan is key. Do Not memorize it. Read it to understand it. YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND THE WAY THE PEOPLE PREPARING THIS TEST WANT YOU TO THINK.

For the question about which Kaplan I purchased. It was provided by my school and one of the professors of the school allowed me access under his account even if had graduated 9 months early. Some people are just so kind. That's way I managed to still have access. I guess if you have to purchase it, call Kaplan and tell the that you need to make sure that you get the NCLEX preparation portion that has access to the client need question videos. If you are buying it, remember To ask for a discount and if your situation is bad tell them so. You may get a nice discount. It doesn't hurt to try.

I just want to stress. When I passed the NCLEX I did not do many questions. But the questions I did I approached them different and that can only be done if you have the right strategy which you will learn with the Kaplan client need videos. You will see. Now if you learn the techniques and apply them to many questions, I can assure you that you will brake the NCLEX in front of you. It will not be any other way because you would have the key to the NCLEX. If one have not pass the NCLEX and passed nursing school is only one reason. You have not yet find the right combination. You will see if you do as I described above that you will soon come here and post that you passed the NCLEX. I read here many times about the excitement of others once they pass the NCLEX. Becoming a nurse is a feeling out of this world because of all the effort and sacrifices one experience. You will soon experience it so just continue moving forward. Work wisely. Again, use the right combination to pass the NCLEX my soon to be RNs! 😉

Hi may I ask where can I find Davis q bank? is that a book? sorry I dont have any ideas. Thank you! :)

WELL said THANKS for showing the way .

Thank you sooooo much for this!!!! Such a blessing for you to be so kind to help others like myself!! Most importantly I want to say CONGRATULATIONS NURSE!!!!! You deserve it!!!!!! Thank you again! We appreciate it so much!!:yes:

My scores for the Kaplan where in the 50's 60's. And the same for the PDA. Again do your very best exact time but most importantly Is to apply the blueprint above.

Right now, I'm at a road block not knowing where to go next. First time I reach 205 questions and barely studied. The second time I studied my butt off brought every resource book and packets out there and failed miserably at 85 questions. So I guess you can say I need a new strategy on how to tackle this test. I was debating signing up for Hurst for content. But then you mentioned Davis.

I might have to look into that as well as the Kaplan videos even though I know they probably will be on the expensive side.

Congrats and thanks again for the great post and great words of wisdom. Your post gives me life. I know I can do and I refuse to give up now...

THX for the info..looking at the Davis book on Amazon now, I failed twice with Aug 1st as the 2nd time I took it. I graduated from a pilot paramedic/RN bridge program in Dec last year here in FL. The sad part is I have taken care of many critical pts and KNOW I can do the job. I have never been a great test taker so this does not surprise as much as it hurts. I'm gonna focus on the Kaplan videos and maybe purchase the NCSBN information/test banks again. At this point I am willing try anything!

I appreciate your kind words. But please, please do as I did and you will get the same results. The Kaplan question Videos at night and the Davis questions during the day. Print the NCLEX Detailed test plan and complete the davis questions using the client need sections as it mirrors the NCLEX. Remember, the NCLEX is testing for competency in each client need area so using that strategy is preparing you for the right test! Remember to print the NCLEX test plan and read to UNDERSTAND it.

One idea that just came to my mind which I know is important, when you come across drugs or content you had no idea, I would read the answers. Many times you will be able to eliminate answers that you know are completely wrong. You will start noticing that. Just one sample that no matter what a drug is you know an option in which the nurse tell the patient to increase the dosage is wrong! Please, start looking at answer and you will see that some questions have nothing to do with needing to know the content. It will be just about common sense that you will learn from reading daily the NCLEX test plan. Please, Please understand the NCLEX test detail plan. It is like a cheat sheet the NCLEX people want you to use if you read it properly. The lady that told me about all these told me that he NCLEX people want you to pass but most people prepare for the wrong test. That is their blueprint. Try to make sense out of the NCLEX test plan and answer questions with the mentality they want you to approach the questions.

One more thing, you guys have graduated from nursing school and this is your last step. Know there are no other options. Do not give yourself options because there are NONE. This is it. Do not even try to consider that nursing is not for you. In reality, haven't you seen in hospital registered nurses that makes you wonder how can they be nurses? Don't even waste your time even creating doubts. Remember, this test is just like opening a lock. YOU NEED THE RIGHT COMBINATION. I am a living sample, I passed it until I had the right COMBINATION. If I had not done what I mentioned in my first post, I have not doubt I would be wondering if I was meant to be a nurse. Guess what? I am a Nurse. You will soon be a nurse. Just come up with the conclusion that you will do whatever you have to become one.

As mentioned before, I failed 3 times in Florida. Florida has a limit of 3 times and then you go must go to school to sit on the NCLEX again. Once I failed the 3rd time, it was painful but as soon I came home I searched for schools to complete the remediation course required by the state. My credit cards were close to limit. I had to divide the school initial payment in 3 credit cards and I asked friends to lend me money weeks later to make my final payments. I could have stayed at home, crying and feeling sorry for myself until today but I knew that it would have not helped my situation. I am sure others that failed 3 times in florida able to afford school are still at their homes depressed feeling sorry for themselves. As I was going through school, I learned about testing for the nclex in order states and I learned that I can test in any other state at the same testing center close to my home. I learned that once one passesthe nclex in any state all one has to do was transfered the lincense. I apply and tested in a different state before I even completed the remediation course required by florida. With that information I knew that even if I failed the test, I would immediately apply to other states and take the nclex as many times as I could until I pass it. My point to tell this is to come up to the conclusion that you will not give up. Do not even question if nursing is for you. If you finish nursing school. IT IS! IT MUST BE FOR YOU! Otherwise, you would have dropped many years ago.

One more thing, DO NOT tell anyone when you are testing or when you are applying. NO ONE. Tell them after to pass it. Once I read and it is true "SECRECY IS IMPORTANT." We all have some sort of energy within us and once reveal our important goals that energy is diffused. CONCENTRATE YOUR ENERGY and DO NOT TELL ANYONE! Try it and PROVE IT FOR YOURSELF! I knew that if i had failed the last time I took the nclex, it was would have not told anyone. I would have just registered in a different state and take again and again and again. I didnt care if i have to take it a million times!! I am sorry but you need to sometimes to get to that level of commitment that says this person will not brake, let me just give him his license. That is just what happened to me :-) I guess success comes when you are not afraid of failure. I know test applications and test can be costly but I knew i was going to pass it because I knew I was preparing in a way that made sense so i did not mind using up all my credit because at the end I am sure I could pay everything off in a few months.

I am sorry, I got a little carry out and about my spelling since I typed this so fast but my point is please, do not ever give up because you are made to be a nurse otherwise you would have never finish nursing school. The NCLEX is just like anything new. All you need to know is how it wants you to Think which is different that nursing school tests. Please, read line by line the original post I made my soon to be Registered Nurses!


Specializes in ICU/CCU. Has 2 years experience.

your truly amazing. ! God bless you . 🙂

Great advice! When you are talking about Kaplan videos, is this in line? I have Kaplan but I did the live review. I have their content videos, qbank and q trainers.

Yes, all the Kaplan videos are online. You can log in and watch them whenever you wish. Call the Kaplan people and make sure you get the question kaplan videos on client needs. I believe is 5 lessons. One of them is a detail explanation analyzing over 180 questions on a readiness test plus about 300 questions on all the client needs. This is more than enough practice to learn how to approach the questions. To think the way the NCLEX people want you to think. Then you must apply what you learn from the videos to NCLEX questions as I mentioned in my original post.

Congrats you passed thanks for the advice but i want to comment on what you said earlier about doing so many questions, i think it depends on indiv, i know of people who took the NCLEX RN and passed did not read the content just pure questions,others did questions and content. The approach is different from everybody. I agree with you on the CPR AND DAVIS Q& A. This is one of the best books out there. I would recommend it test plan is exact same thing. Congrats once again

I'm going on my 3rd try in FL. Going to take your advice because I'm lost as what else to do & this is my last chance. Out of curiousity, which state did you apply to just in case I have to take that route?