In our unit we use individual therometers for each of our infants. At present we are having trouble keeping a supply due to back orders. What kind of therometers does everyone else use? Are you having problems obtaining them? What manufacture do you use? Does anyone use the IVAC digital and go from bed to bed with it ? If you use the IVAC do you have any problems with infection control? How do you clean the main unit between infants? Thanks, JBKRUM

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We use the IVAC portable, we clean the cords between each patient and new covers for each patient. We use either bleach wipes or Saniwipes in between. If there is an isolated kid, they get a dedicated one all to themselves. We had individuals, but cost containment did away with those.


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We used to use the IVAC thermometers, but did away with them because of the number of IVACs required, and infection control issues. We are an 85 bed unit, and each IVAC was supposed to be cleaned with a SaniWipe between use. We held the IVAC in our hands; not allowed to place it on the baby's warmer or wherever he is laying. Used individual covers for each baby; single use only. it seemed at v/s times, everyone was calling out "Do you have the IVAC?" We only had 2-3 per pod of 8 babies.

Now, each baby has a digital thermometer with cover, taped to his bedside. it reads in Centigrade or Fahrenheit, and we send it home with the baby and instruct family in how to use it. I can't remember the manufacturer's name. I will try to look for it when I go to work in a few days.


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Each baby has their own thermometer taped to the bed, which is theirs to take home. We set them to centigrade, but they can be set to Fahrenheit, too.



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We use individual disposable thermometers at each bedside. I believe they are made by Kendall. We have never had a supply issue with these, although I am sure it is very expensive, at the rate we use them.

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In our unit, we have individual disposable thermometers taped at each bedside. I don't know who the manufacturer is. Our's just read in Fahrenheit. Our unit would NEVER use the IVACs (eww).

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