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  1. Carol Ebert

    Go Write Your Book!

    And so I needed to pry mine out by starting a writing journey. I never thought I could write a book, and it never was on my radar, but once I started blogging for allnurses.com I realized I had compiled a lot of content that was just going to sit in a file somewhere, never to be seen again. And then the wise words of my late father popped into my brain: “If you are going to do something, make sure you have 3 good reasons for doing it”. OK Dad! Here are my reasons for blogging 1. Write monthly blogs to help nurses embrace wellness 2. Use blog content to create powerpoint presentations and deliver to audiences 3. Re-purpose the blogs into a book And here I am today publishing my very first book called Too Busy for YOU? How to Prioritize Yourself for a Balanced, Mindful and Happy Life. What I didn’t realize by completing this process, I would achieve some cool benefits! Here are my TOP 10 REASONS why this was important for me to do: 1. It’s a Challenge I love a challenge, especially with something out of my league. Once you have a lot of years and experiences under your belt, you know you can do more than you ever thought you could. For me, I’ve met many challenges in my career that I thought I couldn’t overcome and succeeded at most. So why not give writing a book a try. 2. Improved My Self Esteem Once I reached retirement age I could feel my “usefulness” slipping and didn’t feel valued as much. I could continue that downward slump or get busy on my book. There is a saying in some circles: “When I got busy, I got better”. And my self-esteem improved greatly, especially when I finished the book and sent it off to Amazon to be published. 3. Helped Me Reinvent Myself As an Author, I feel re-programmed with a new direction and new energy. I have a new identity and have noticed that people respond more positively to me as if I have more status. Suddenly I don’t feel as old as I felt before I had a book to promote. 4. Generates Income I now have another avenue to make money from book sales. To that end, I have new energy to approach book stores for book signings, other wellness coaches, wellness clients, nursing instructors, health education professors, wellness coordinators, businesses, and even women’s book clubs. 5. Gets Speaking Engagements One of my favorite things to do is speak on wellness to audiences and I have heard that the best way to get these bookings is to author a book. I am now a more marketable public speaker because of this. 6. Serves Audiences in a New Way Sometimes you just can’t reach all the people you want to reach personally, so this book gives me another vehicle for me to reach out globally with my wellness message. 7. Shares my Wisdom After 40+ years in the wellness industry, I have a lot to share about how to get healthy and stay healthy and I know what works and doesn’t work. Having a book that synthesizes it all down to a “self-coaching” guide that can help others improve their lives on their own terms gives me great satisfaction. And it feels like I am leaving a legacy that will keep on giving. 8. Keeps Me Relevant If I am going to continue with my quest to spread wellness, then a self-care book is a relevant method for doing that and keeps me in the game. Wellness is the big buzz word today and my book is all wellness all the time. 9. Addresses Major Health Concerns Because we are drowning in epidemics of chronic disease, many proven wellness tools that are outlined in my book are what we need more than ever when the medical model is limited in how it deals with these challenges. 10. Reaches a Wider Audience Amazon is a global shopping site and my book, which was self-published through Amazon will be available for the world to see. (Yes you can publish your book thru their system for free) You never know who might read it and how that could influence an audience I never would have been able to reach. I have always been a global thinker but I never thought that I could actually get my message out there in a big way. Look out world, here I come! So is there a book inside of you wanting to come out? I think all nurses have so much to share it would be a shame to keep it all inside. What steps are you willing to take to begin the process of authoring a book? Please share.
  2. NurseTrishBSN

    So You Want to be a Nurse?

    Why do you want to become a nurse? Is it the promise of job security? Potential income and flexibility? Someone who influenced you in some way or took care of you or a loved one? What is your story to wanting to become a nurse? For me, my dad was a nurse. Growing up in the 90s in South Florida was interesting in itself, but I witnessed my dad making a second career change from construction to nursing over a couple of years. It was a dramatic switch to say the least. I remember him starting out as a medic and working weekend shifts at the city station and my mom would take us to go visit him when they had some downtime. He even would strap us in the immobilizer and flip us around for fun. When Shands got their new helicopter we got a chance to fly in it. I'll never go in another one again if I can help it but it was a fun experience. I think the pilot was enjoying my pre-teen angst while I was grasping dramatically to the oh crap handles. When I came back from the military my dad encouraged me to get my CNA license. I worked my first healthcare job in a large inpatient Alzheimer's Care Facility and it was there I learned what it was like to be there for someone else. Even if they didn't know who you are. I worked as a CNA in a few different places and got the opportunity to train as a monitor tech. This is where I found my love for cardiac. The rhythms were like a puzzle to me. Like electric sudoku of sorts. I enjoyed figuring them out and within a short period of time nurses were asking me what I thought about their patients' rhythms. Once I transferred to an ICU this is where my real passion for nursing began. They loved to teach! Anything they could pull me aside and show me they were more than happy to. I learned more in a year on that unit than I did the previous 8 years at the other facilities. It helped I was also working the night shift so I was probably able to observe than if I had been working days. All of this set the stage for me to finally agree to go to nursing school. By the time I graduated nursing school my dad was completing his FNP. Although I'm not sure if I will go back for advanced practice nursing I am forever grateful to those who influenced me to become a nurse in the first place. They knew me better than I knew myself.

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