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  1. Head-to-Toe Assessment

    Hello! I am looking for some help. The college where I teach is considering going to a head-to-toe assessment for our 1st year BScN students and we don't know where to begin....we are searching through texts but we are looking for something that is 1...
  2. Towards the end of nursing school, I spent a week in the lab helping medsurg nursing students with their head to toe assessments. I noticed right away that many students struggled with organizing their head to toe assessment. I, myself, would frequen...
  3. traumaRUs

    Head to Toe Assessment

    The head-to-toe assessment is one of the basic skills all nurses need to develop. No matter what specialty you go into, assessment is one of the first objectives of any patient interaction. Here is an excellent video that shows a step by step head-to...

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