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  1. I have worked first in Dubai as RN also,I took DHA exam and passed. The eligibility letter was handed to my Employer Dubai based and made it to license. After two years I was offered in other hospital in Sharjah. In Sharjah,we need MOH License. So I needed to convert my DHA to MOH. Then after a year I moved to ABu Dhabi. They said our RN Licenses are our investment. That is a fact because we always have to give our time and financial resource to have this license to practice. Let it be if its costly just find a way on how to make means of getting that RN badge. In due time we will harvest the wisdom and passion of Nursing. If you think that 4 years in BSN course has ended and youre misery is done then youre wrong. Nursing is indemand,nowadays UK,Australia,Ireland,NZ,Japan are facing millions of shortage by 2020. In these countries you need to pass their requirements like the ielts and licensing. And there you go you need to invest to earn that Badge of RN to practice. Review,take exam,voila your license is out! I'm foreign nurse here in UAE and got lots of paper work to do if you want to be a nurse in different emirates. I just want to share my experience in my Haad license So if you're reading this means you are confused on how to convert your RN license to other emirates' health Authority. Firstly, you need to get Good standing certificate from your Health Authority. Hope you still remember your username and password. You may apply thru online. It will cost you estimately 150aed. You need to state the purpose of this.Then wait for 2 to 4 days they will email it to you. In this time,You may ask your HR also for COE. You have to maximize your time as converting your DHA/MOH is taking long time. Secondly, create an account for your dataflow. This agency is the verifying company of health authorities here. Theyre like the cgfns for taking nclex they will verify your credentials if you are really working as Nurse before like that. And also the school credentials authenticity. You need to fill the authorization letter that you are giving them the consent to do this. Provide all the documents especially the POLICE CLearance which may take 1 week. Fill all the information. I had my dataflow from DHA,MOH,so i Just attached all my reports there. The waiting time for this is 3 to 6 mos. I have paid 1400 approximately. I always contact the dataflow regarding my conversion of MOH to HAAD license. I was very exhausted. And also I forgot,they will send you a form that you havent sit for HAAD before like that. Thirdly, HAAD will notify you for your username and password. Login, fill the information, and submit it. HAAD will reply for any alerts or missing documents. if theres a problem you may contact: Abu Dhabi Government Contact Centre or this: Please communicate with dataflow to confirm that the application is pushed to HAAD, dataflow email haadsupport@dataflowgroup.com or attend to HAAD customer service counter 15 or 16 or call the Dataflow office on +971 4 365 4477 You may ask help from your new facility because theyve guided me in this stage. I was notified that my license HAAD RN is for delivery in empost. THANKS GOD! If any questions, please feel free

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