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anyone care to share their study schedule for preparing for NCLEX? :D good luck everyone!


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Some people don't even have one. They just schedule the test, then dig into their review book and go for it until test day. I think it is a good idea to get a calendar and map out a schedule with some extra days here and there for those subjects that need more time.


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I am actually scheduled to take mine June 1st. I am using the Kaplan review and I have it mapped out which days to take which questions trainers and what not and then over the weekend I plan on reading over more rationales, reviewing isolations stuff, looking over lab values one last time, and reading through things that I had problems with.


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My schedule was 2-3 hrs of studying/reading then testing myself on whatever I just studied. I finished Saunders, Lacharity and Kaplan books word to word. I made flashcards, cheat sheets, drawings...whatever it takes for me to understand the concepts. Took me about a 1 1/2 month. Passed NCLEX 1st try with 75 Q's. I thought NCLEX is easier than lacharity prioritization book. Hope this helps!


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I take my test June 23 & took the Kaplan course so I know what you're talking about. I tried doing the question bank.. im just getting overwhelmed because there is so much material.. I like the idea of the 2-3 hour of content reiew and testing on that section.. The way Kaplan has it mixed up I wish they would have broken down each section into subjected categories so after reviewing there were questions on those topics.. thanks for the helpful techniques